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Your everyday bank

Everyday banking

Web Banking Desktop

  • your Web Banking user guide;

  • accessible from a browser;

  • easy to use and secure. 

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Everyday banking


  • account management assistance;
  • personalised recommendations;
  • better management of your finances.
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Everyday banking

LuxTrust Mobile

  • your LuxTrust token on your smartphone;
  • so you can securely carry out your banking transactions.
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Everyday banking

3D Secure

  • Your secure online payments;
  • With all our debit and credit cards.
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Your mobile payments

Mobile payments

Apple Pay

  • pay with your Apple device;
  • simple, fast and free;
  • secure payments.
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Mobile payments


  • free mobile payments app;
  • pay for your online or in-store purchases;
  • send money to individuals.
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Smartwatch payments

Garmin and Fitbit

  • make purchases with your smartwatch;
  • a payment solution you can use anywhere;
  • a free and secure service.
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Your practical guides

Practical guide

Banking security

A few tips and solutions to ensure that all your bank accounts and transactions remain secure.

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Pratical guide

Instant payment

  • a Web Banking and App option;
  • to transfer and receive money within seconds;
  • quickly, securely and efficiently.
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Pratical guide

Account Aggregator

  • all of your accounts in Web Banking;
  • a global overview of your finances;
  • easy and free, with a secure connection.
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