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What is an instant payment?

An instant payment is a SEPA credit transfer that is processed immediately.

Within seconds, the beneficiary of your payment receives the money in their bank account, even if they hold an account with another bank. Equally, if someone wants to transfer money to you ASAP, they can if their bank offers this instant payment option. The amount of the transfer will be credited to your account in just a moment.

What are the benefits of an instant payment?

The main advantage of an instant payment is that it is immediate:

  • instant payments are credited to the beneficiary’s account within 10 seconds of BGL BNP Paribas sending the instant payment order;
  • the beneficiary can use the money received straight away.

This feature is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

You can therefore make or receive an instant payment at any time of the day or night, week or weekend, including bank holidays.

Find out about instant payment in this video:

In what situations can I make an instant payment?

Instant payments can be used in various situations.

For example, to:

  • pay a bill, service provider or insurance company as soon as possible;
  • reimburse a friend;
  • help out a relative;
  • pay for a home delivery;
  • pay for childcare;
  • etc.

How do I make an instant payment?

Making an instant payment is very easy.

  1. Log in to your personal space on your BGL BNP Paribas online banking service (app or web).
  2. Start a payment.
  3. The “Instant payment” option is offered to you automatically when you enter the details of your one-off SEPA credit transfer, assuming it is eligible.

You can make instant payments to the accounts of both new and existing beneficiaries, provided that the bank at which the receiving account is held allows instant payments.

couple utilise carte de credit pour achat sur internet


Patrick and Giselle enjoy a romantic evening at a restaurant. Afterwards, when they collect their children from the babysitter, they make an instant payment from their Web Banking app to settle up immediately. Patrick’s account will be debited right away, with the account of Jenny, the babysitter, credited by the same amount. Quick, easy and above all immediate.


Did you know

Because it is instant, this type of payment cannot be cancelled. We therefore advise you to take care when entering the recipient’s details, before confirming the order.

Are instant payments secure?

Instant payments meet the same security standards as traditional SEPA credit transfers.

LuxTrust mobile or LuxTrust Scan is required to authenticate your instant payment. Make sure you have this technology so that you can use the instant payment feature.

Frequently asked questions

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    How much does an instant payment cost?

    An instant payment costs EUR 0.80 for BGL BNP Paribas retail clients

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    Can I cancel an instant payment?

    No, instant payments are executed within 10 seconds of the instruction being sent. If there is a mistake, the sender will have to contact the beneficiary to recover the money.

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    Can I receive incoming instant payments?

    BGL BNP Paribas has been able to receive instant payments from participating banks since 27 July 2021.

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    Are all bank accounts eligible for instant payments?

    No. Only savings accounts and current accounts denominated in euro can make instant payments.
    Also, an instant payment cannot be made to another BGL BNP Paribas account as, since 27 July 2021, all intra-BGL BNP Paribas transfers have been executed in real time