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Our advisory solutions


Direct Invest Selection

  • Funds that highlight our investment convictions,
  • Access to our Asset Manager’s expertise,
  • Support tailored to you.
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Tailored advice

Direct Invest Expert

  • For experienced investors,
  • Financial experts at your side,
  • Proactive and tailored support.
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Investing on your own terms

Direct Invest Access

  • For independent investors,
  • Access to a wide range of financial products,
  • Invest online day or night.
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Our financial savings solutions

Regular financial savings online

Direct Invest Clic

  • Financial savings online made easy;
  • Sign up directly through your Web Banking app;
  • Track your portfolio’s progress directly through your Web Banking app.
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Automatic savings plan


  • Financial savings made easy, at your own pace,
  • Access to BNP Paribas Asset Management’s expertise,
  • A turnkey solution adapted to your needs.
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Our solutions

Start investing

Taking your first steps in the world of investment? Our team of experts is here to guide you.

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Our selection of funds

Invest with confidence

Our selection of funds, reflecting our convictions, allows you to revitalise your savings and build a responsible, high-quality portfolio.

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An important concept

The risk/return ratio

Understanding this concept is an essential part of investing in the stock market.

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Practical guide

Discover our flagship fund

A fund that is diversified, flexible and sustainable – discover your new secret weapon for savings.

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Responsible investments

Sustainable investments

What if your investment could inspire change?

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