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The risk and return on a given investment are linked

Like any investment, stock market investments carry risk. However, they also offer the potential for attractive returns on your capital.

An investment’s risk and anticipated return are closely linked:

  • if you expect to achieve high returns, you’ll need to select products that offer higher levels of risk;
  • onversely, if you want to minimise risk, opt for investments that offer potentially lower returns.

Good to know

When you’re an investment client at BGL BNP Paribas, you receive a Suitability Statement on every investment. We provide you with this document before executing the buy order so that you can see your portfolio’s current level of risk, as well as the future risk level if the investment is carried out, based on your investor profile.


Risk and return also relate to your investment horizon

An investment’s risk and return also depend on the investment horizon. In other words, they depend on how long you plan to hold onto your investment.

Generally, if your investment horizon is short, you’ll need to opt for less risky investments with low volatility. They will therefore offer fewer performance prospects.

On the other hand, if your investment horizon is long, you can opt for riskier and more volatile investments, which offer high performance potential. While the short-term volatility of these investments will be higher, performance potential over the long term will be greater. The impact of market fluctuations will smooth out over time.

An indicator to better visualise risk

An indicator has been developed to help you understand a fund’s risk level: the SRI, or “Summary Risk Indicator”.

It lets you compare different financial products available on the market using a single risk and volatility scale. This scale ranges from 1 for the safest investments to 7 for the riskiest investments.

Good to know

To illustrate, funds invested in bonds are often rated between 2 and 4, funds invested in equities between 4 and 7 and diversified funds between 2 and 6, depending on their exposure to different markets.


Expert advice on your financial investments

With our team of experts, we can help you take your first steps into the world of investing. Our specialists will answer all your questions about financial products, with no minimum investment.


Want to select investments that match your goals?

Our Invest Expertise Centre is open from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday on (+352) 42 42 40 04.


Frequently asked questions

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    What is investment volatility?

    The volatility of an investment means its capacity to increase or decrease over a given period of time. The greater the volatility, the more likely it is that the value of the investment will vary widely.

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    What is investment risk?

    An investment’s risk encompasses all forms of uncertainty regarding how it will perform over time: risk of capital loss, default risk on some assets, risk of variations on the markets in which it is invested, etc.

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    What is the investment horizon?

    The investment horizon is the period over which an investment should be held. This is the timeframe deemed appropriate to mitigate the volatility of an investment and obtain an expected return.

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