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New long-term prospects for certain sectors

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended many companies’ strategies. Forced to adapt to new business paradigms, certain sectors are embracing new perspectives to allow for the transition that is discussed so often in the media.

You too can invest in a way that reflects your funds’ social and environmental impact, as well as your desired returns, risk management goals and investment horizon.

Invest in helping to restore ecosystems

More than 50% of the world’s GDP depends on nature and its services(2). And yet these ecosystems are under severe pressure from unsustainable business models and lifestyles.

Today, we consume natural resources 1.75 times faster than the Earth can replenish them(3).

This opportunity is, therefore, driven by the urgent need to restore ecosystems. We can act now to avoid substantial economic loss, as well as climate change and biodiversity loss.

With BNP Paribas Ecosystem Restoration(4), you’re investing in a high-conviction fund. Its growth potential stems from companies developing solutions to restore our aquatic, terrestrial and urban ecosystems.

Invest to combat global warming

The overlapping issues of global warming and resource exploitation are root causes of biodiversity loss.
Protecting life in all its forms therefore entails:

  • Combatting global warming
  • Decarbonising our modes of production and consumption

With BNP Paribas Climate Impact(5),  you’re investing in companies involved in:

  • either reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • or adapting to new climate paradigms.

These solutions span various domains, including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Recycling waste
  • Building and renovating water supply systems
  • Processing and recycling waste water

Invest in the sustainable food sector

With the world’s population constantly growing, nutrition for all is a major issue in our economies, which face a wide range of challenges such as:

  • Creating less energy-intensive agricultural machinery
  • Producing biodegradable packaging
  • Researching environmentally friendly organic fertiliser
  • Installing drop by drop irrigation systems

Many food-related industries will need to come up with healthier and more sustainable production methods, which will take substantial investment.

With BNP Paribas Smart Food(6), you’re investing in an international equity fund focused on food-related companies.

These companies are helping to reduce pollution linked to the food sector, combat global warming and promote high-quality food.

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