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BGL BNP Paribas lets you view and archive your account statements and other daily banking documents online. This system is easy to set up, and will make life easer at no cost to you.

Why choose online bank account statements?

There are lots of good reasons to switch over to paperless electronic banking:

  • all of your documents are available on one single electronic space,
  • access to your documents is secure,
  • your digital account statements and other banking documents have the same legal value as hardcopy versions,
  • no more paper: you’ll be helping protect the environment while supporting sustainable development,
  • it’s free: receiving your account statements online won’t cost you a thing.

Which documents can be accessed online?

Documents that can be accessed online include:

  • your account balance,
  • debit/credit notices,
  • credit card statements,
  • interest certificates,
  • CRS reports(1),
  • suitability statement (required when placing a stock market order),
  • new contracts entered into with BGL BNP Paribas,
  • transactions carried out in-branch (e.g. currency transactions),
  • messages,
  • management reports,
  • etc.

What happens once you switch to e-statements?

When you choose to receive your documents on Web Banking, you’ll get an e-mail via secure messaging confirming that your request has been received. The bank will stop sending hardcopy statements via post in the month after you make your request.

Please note that certain information will still be posted to you, such as regulatory matters.

All of your account balances, notices, certificates, statements, etc. will be made available in PDF format under “E-documents” on Web Banking. You can access them at any time. Your documents will be stored securely on Web Banking for 12 years.

How can I opt to receive my account statements online?

Switch to paperless banking from your computer

  • log in to Web Banking,
  • click on “Accounts”,
  • click on the “PAPERLESS” button on the right of the page,
  • select the account(s) for which you wish to receive your statements online,
  • click “Confirm”.

Switch to paperless banking from your iOS or Android smartphone

  • open Web Banking on your smartphone,
  • in the “Dashboard”, scroll down to the “PAPERLESS” box,
  • click on the “PAPERLESS” button and then on the “Go paperless” button,
  • select the account(s) for which you wish to receive your statements online,
  • click “Confirm”.

Switch to paperless at your local branch or by contacting our Client Service

You can also request paperless banking documents by contacting our advisors at your local branch or our Client Service.
Our advisors are available by phone between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday, on (+352) 42 42 2000.

Frequently asked questions

  • icone faq question
    Where can I access my bank statements?

    All your documents are stored in the “E-documents” area in your Web Banking under “My info”.

  • icone faq question
    What is the root account used in the paperless banking request?

    The root of your account consists of six figures, which correspond to the six-figure sort code in the middle of your IBAN account number. This makes it possible to identify each account you hold at the bank.

  • icone faq question
    I would like to receive my account statements in paper format again. Is this possible?

    You can reinstate paper statements at any time by calling our Client Service on (+352) 42 42-2000 or on (+352) 42 42-2525 if you’re a BGL BNP Paribas Private Banking client.

  • icone faq question
    What types of documents will I no longer receive if I go paperless?

    If you switch to paperless banking, you’ll no longer receive documents in hardcopy format. These documents will instead be available in the E-document section of your Web Banking area. They include:

    • documents relating to your accounts (account statements, account opening requests, creation of an additional account, powers of attorney, remote banking agreements, information relating to your accounts, etc.),
    • documents relating to payments (debit/credit notices, credit card statements, payment/debit receipt, cashing and issuing BGL cheques, etc.),
    • documents relating to your investment activities (securities statement, securities account notices, new/updated risk profile, etc.),
    • documents relating to your loans (e.g. updated terms and conditions),
    • messages (correspondence with clients, updated general terms and conditions, etc.),
    • regulatory or tax documents (interest certificate, CRS reports, suitability statements, management reports).

(1) Tax document relating to the exchange of data between countries.