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Genius, your daily digital assistant


Genius offers real-time assistance in your daily banking,


Genius uses data taken from 6 months of account balances and movements to analyse your spending habits,


Genius is a self-learning assistant and adapts its messages to you.

Genius provides greater security by notifying you when:

verifier son compte via une application
  • your balance is too low;

  • it finds an unusual or unexpected payment or transfer (in terms of amount, recipient, subscription, etc.);

  • the same amount is deducted multiple times for the same transaction.




Genius gives you peace of mind by informing you of:

  • pending transactions for the week;

  • your spending habits;

  • your summarised travel expenses.


Genius brings greater efficiency by offering savings advice:

faire des virements de son compte courant a son compte epargne
  • after receiving a large payment,

  • when you already have significant savings,

  • automatically.


How can i benefit from Genius’ advice?

Download the BGL BNP Paribas Web Banking app and log on regularly to view your notifications.


Personnalise it for the best

Genius adapts its messages to your needs. Do not hesitate to rate them!

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