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Why use Apple Pay?

carte de credit BGL enregistre dans Apple wallet

Apple Pay is the easiest way to pay in stores, in apps, and online with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac1.


Spending money shouldn’t mean spending more time at the register or entering your card details online or in your app. With Apple Pay, you can pay quickly with the devices you use every day.


Your card details are protected. They aren’t stored on your device, or shared during the payment process. Apple Pay doesn’t store any information that could link the transaction to you. All of your purchases are confidential.


Pay for your purchases instantly with the Apple devices you use every day.


Pay for purchases online and in-store with Apple Pay without reaching for your bank card..


The only payment limit is your bank card limit, unlike contactless payments, which have a EUR 50 limit.

How do I activate Apple Pay?

To activate Apple Pay, you must add your card. It’s easy:

With your Web Banking mobile app: Open the Web Banking app, Tap the “Menu” icon and then press “Settings”, select “Apple Pay”, choose the card you want to add, then follow the instructions.

With Wallet:

  • on iPhone: open the Wallet app and tap the “+” symbol;
  • on Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and select “Wallet and Apple Pay”, then tap “Add Card”;
  • on iPad, go to Settings, open “Wallet and Apple Pay” and select “Add Card”;
  • on MacBook Pro with Touch ID, go to “System Preferences”, select “Wallet and Apple Pay”, then click “+” to add a card.

Find out how to add your card from your Web Banking:

How do I pay with Apple Pay?

apple pay icon payement sans contact

These symbols mean you can use Apple Pay for your purchases.

Learn how to pay using Touch ID:

Learn how to pay with Face ID:

Frequently asked questions

  • icone faq question
    Which iPhone models and other Apple devices work with Apple Pay?

    For a list of devices that are compatible with Apple Pay, click here .

  • icone faq question
    Which BGL BNP Paribas cards are compatible with Apple Pay?

    The BGL BNP Paribas cards compatible with Apple Pay include:

    • Visa Debit,
    • V PAY,
    • Visa Classic,
    • Visa Business,
    • Mastercard Gold,
    • Mastercard Platinum,
    • Mastercard Elite.

    The first card you add to Apple Pay will be your default card.

  • icone faq question
    What do I need to be able to use Apple Pay?

    To use Apple Pay, you’ll need:

    • A compatible Apple device and your iCloud login details,
    • The latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS,
    • Your active BGL BNP Paribas card,
    • A mobile number, as it appears in your bank details.

    The bank card you wish to register must be activated. To activate your new BGL BNP Paribas bank card, simply make a withdrawal or in-store purchase.

  • icone faq question
    Can I pay with Apple Pay abroad?

    You can use Apple Pay in Belgium, France, Germany and any other country that is equipped with Apple Pay.

  • icone faq question
    What’s the maximum Apple Pay purchase amount?

    The maximum Apple Pay amount depends on your bank card limit. You can check or change your card limit at any time via Web Banking.

  • icone faq question
    Do additional fees apply to Apple Pay payments?

    Apple Pay is a FREE payment service for in-store, in-app or online payments made using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac in Safari.

Footnote1 : Click here to view the list of compatible devices. You must also have an Apple login connected to iCloud.

(1) Consultez ici la liste des appareils compatibles. Vous devez également disposer d’un identifiant Apple connecté à iCloud.