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Applying for a loan: the step-by-step guide

You’ve calculated the monthly repayments for your personal or car loan, so now to make your online loan application official:

  1. Your online application:
    Click on “Apply for a loan online” above.
  2. Your project:
    Complete the personal loan application form. This step will only take about ten minutes. No supporting documents are required at this stage. Send your application.
  3. Your file:
    Once we’ve assessed your application, a BGL BNP Paribas advisor will contact you as soon as possible. Based on the information provided in your online application, we’ll ask you to send us the necessary supporting documents.
  4. Your loan offer:
    If BGL BNP Paribas accepts your application, we’ll schedule a meeting at your preferred branch in order to sign your personal loan or car loan contract.

Good to know: If you’re already a BGL BNP Paribas client, you can submit your application on Web Banking, to track its progress. Subject to certain conditions, you can even sign online without needing to go to the bank!

Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.