conseils de sécurité sur Internet

Online security

Ensuring the safety of your online operations is not simply a technical challenge – it also involves adopting good practices!


Fraudulent phone calls, emails and texts 

Beware of phone calls, emails or texts that ask for your customer number, password or any other access code – do not give them! These calls are from fraudsters trying to get hold of your personal information so that they can access your Web Banking page.


Identify the threats 

Here are a few examples of potential dangers:



How can I protect myself?


You can protect your personal information by adopting a few good practices:


  • NEVER give your bank account details (customer number, credit card number etc) to anyone! 
  • Install efficient anti-virus software on your computer and do not forget to update it regularly
  • Ask for a Token to secure your Web Banking operations 
  • Check the address of your webpage. If it seems suspect or is not secure (http:// instead of https://) do not click it
  • Secure your online payments with technologie 3D Secure


Victim of fraud?


If you have made a suspicious payment online, block your credit card immediately by ringing us on (+352) 49 50 50 (24 hours a day).


Victim of fraud on your Web Banking page? Call our Client Service on (+352) 42 42-2000, Monday-Friday from 8am to 6pm, or email us at


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