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LuxTrust Token


The LuxTrust Token is a small device that contains a digital certificate. The Token generates a One-Time Password (OTP); you then enter this OTP in Web Banking to authenticate your banking operations.


How to obtain your free LuxTrust Token? 

BGL BNP Paribas will provide your Token free of charge. You can request it:

  • by calling the Client Service on (+352) 42 42-2000
  • at a BGL BNP Paribas branch

The certificate contained in your Token is valid for three years.

After three years, your digital certificate will be renewed but you will keep the same Token.



  • Keep your Card Code safe
  • Keep the LuxTrust codes sent to you by text message safe (these codes are required when renewing your certificate)


How to activate your Token? 

If you have just received your Token, this is what you need to do next to activate it (in French):




Logging on to Web Banking : Instructions (PDF)


A single Token is all you need

Even if you have accounts with several banks, you only need one Token. The same Token is valid for all banks and Luxembourg authorities (guichet.lu).


If you have obtained your Token elsewhere, you simply need to link it to your Web Banking accounts. How? By calling (+352) 42 42-2000 and then following the steps shown in your


Logging on with or without LuxTrust? 

Once your Token or LuxTrust Mobile app have been activated, you can choose to log on to Web Banking more quickly without using LuxTrust! Seems counterintuitive? Not really. In fact, the LuxTrust Token primarily secures your banking operations considered to be “sensitive”:

  • saving a beneficiary
  • making transfers to new beneficiaries
  • transferring amounts over EUR 5,000
  • secure messaging

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