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Credit card orders are now available in your personal Web Banking area. Quick, easy and secure!

Make purchases anywhere in the world

Accepted worldwide, the Mastercard Gold credit card is ideal for online and in-store purchases.

Here’s an overview of some of the services it includes:

Travel insurance and purchase protection

You can benefit from insurance and assistance when using your Mastercard Gold in Luxembourg or abroad. These services protect you and your family all over the world. Here’s an overview of some of the services included:

  • Travel carefree, with the following insurance coverage:
    • trip cancellation or curtailment costs;
    • delayed departure;
    • lost or delayed baggage.
  • Feel secure wherever you are with our assistance services. These services include 24/7 guaranteed emergency support while travelling abroad, such as:
    • upfront payment of hospital expenses;
    • repatriation;
    • early return.
  •  Stress-free skiing with winter sports and mountains cover:
    • Coverage of piste rescue costs;
    • Reimbursement of unused ski passes and lessons after injury;
    • Rented or personal ski equipment protection in case of theft or damage.
  • Make secure online payments and in-store purchases worldwide with dedicated insurance cover:
    • items lost on delivery;
    • non-compliant or accidentally damaged items;
    • 24-month extended guarantee;
    • Purchase protection (theft or accidental damage for 90 days).

    Please take the time to read the Mastercard Gold terms and conditions of use, and the notices about insurance and assistance:

    If you require assistance, simply call the phone number on the back of your card.

In practice

profiter de ses vacances et faire des paiements a l'etranger

Katherine, who lives in Luxembourg, travelled on her own to join up with friends for a skiing holiday in Avoriaz. Unfortunately, she injured herself on her first run. She needs to be rescued by helicopter and taken to hospital down the valley. The holiday is over.

In her misfortune, Katherine will be supported by Europ Assistance as she had paid for her trip and her ski pass with her BGL BNP Paribas Mastercard Gold. Europ Assistance will cover her rescue costs, and her ski pass will be reimbursed. Katherine will also be repatriated and a driver will be sent to take her vehicle back to her home.

To Katherine, Mastercard Gold is the indispensable friend for holidaying with peace of mind.

Good to know

Our entire range of credit cards (Visa Classic, Mastercard Gold, Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard Elite) are now produced using PLA. PLA comes from non-food corn grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, guaranteed by the ISCC Plus label.

These new cards will therefore contain 84% less PVC, making them more eco-friendly while ensuring they have the same features and same high level of security as before. The remaining 16% comprises the card’s chip, magnetic strip and protective films.

Discover our new PLA cards.

Change your Mastercard Gold card limit

Planning to go on holiday or spend more than anticipated?

You can instantly increase your credit card limit if needed. It just takes a few clicks on the Web Banking site or app.

Looking for more comprehensive insurance and assistance guarantees? Discover our Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard Elite credit cards today.

View your payment card PIN directly on the Web Banking app.

Have you forgotten a credit card PIN you don’t use very often?
No problem! You can now find it back directly in your Web Banking app.

Fast and secure: view your PIN to use your payment cards easily.

You can display it as many times as needed. For added convenience, you can change your PIN at our ATMs.

Contactless payments: easy, fast and secure

Pay in next to no time! All BGL BNP Paribas credit and debit cards now offer contactless payments.

This technology enables cardholders to make purchases without having to insert the card into the machine.

In Luxembourg, you can use your contactless bank card for any amount. For purchases of less than EUR 50, no PIN code is required (up to a maximum total amount of EUR 100). For larger transactions, you’ll need to enter your usual PIN code.

Compare our credit cards

Assistance during my trip abroad

For any questions or issues, our helpdesk is available seven days a week.

Mastercard Gold
(+352) 27 30 21 31
Mastercard Platinum
(+352) 27 30 21 30
Mastercard Elite
(+352) 27 30 21 33
Per e-mail: gestionsinistres@europ-assistance.be ou assur-lux.spb.eu
Compare the insurance and assistance available with your cards

Frequently asked questions

  • icone faq question
    What is a credit card?

    A credit card is a payment method tied to your bank account. You can use it to make transactions during a given period, after which the total amount spent on the card will be fully or partially debited from your account.

    If you choose to pay in full, no interest will be applied to the amount spent, i.e. the payment is simply deferred.

    If you choose to make a partial payment, the minimum amount debited will be 10% of the total amount spent. Interest will be applied, and the total amount is paid in instalments over a longer period, This is what we call staggered payment. (Available with Visa Classic)

    Credit cards are a widely accepted means of payment, and are extremely handy for making purchases online and abroad.

  • icone faq question
    Do I still need a debit card if I already have a credit card?

    Do I still need a debit card if I already have a credit card?

    If you would like to make free withdrawals, pay and be debited directly from your account, use your Visa debit card.

    If you want to defer and aggregate your spending, and enjoy a wide range of insurance and assistance cover for your travel or shopping, then choose one of our BGL BNP Paribas credit cards.

  • icone faq question
    What’s the limit of my Mastercard Gold? How can I increase or decrease it?

    To instantly increase/decrease the temporary limit on your credit card, simply log on to Web Banking. To permanently change your card limit, call your adviser in order to set the permanent limits that suit your needs and personal situation.

  • icone faq question
    How do I view my Mastercard Gold statements online?

    Transactions made using a Mastercard Gold are displayed in the dedicated e-document space on online banking (Webbanking.bgl.lu), under “Credit card statement”.

  • icone faq question
    How do I submit an insurance or assistance claim for my Mastercard Gold?

    To submit a claim and activate your cover with our partner, Europ assistance:

    • In an emergency, simply call the phone number on the back of your card,
    • Go to assur-lux.spb.eu to make a claim, obtain information or ask a question,
    • Send an email to gestionsinistres@europ-assistance.be,
    • Write a letter to SPB Assurances.

      Cartes BGL BNP Paribas World Mastercard
      CS 90 000
      F-76095 Le Havre Cedex, France
  • icone faq question
    How do I activate my debit or credit card?

    To activate your credit or debit card you can either :

    1. To activate your credit or debit card you can either :

      • Make sure you have the payment card to hand.
      • Log in to the Web Banking app.
      • Select the card you want to activate and click the “Activate this card” button.
      • Follow the instructions and enter the last four digits of your card.
      • Click “Activate this card”.
      • Your card is now ready to be used!
    2. Make an in-store purchase or withdraw cash from an ATM. 

    You cannot use the contactless function for your first transaction, as the PIN is required.

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(1)Offer valid once per Mastercard (Gold, Priority, Platinum and Elite) card throughout the scheme.
(2)Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.