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What insurance and assistance do you need for stress-free skiing?

Do you play sports on holiday? Enjoy your sport safe in the knowledge that you’re covered if you have an accident, if your activities are interrupted, or if your equipment is broken, stolen or lost during your holidays abroad.

Winter sports are not risk-free. It’s important to review the insurance and assistance available to you as part of your ski cover before setting off for your next holiday in the mountains.

To be properly insured for a ski trip, all you need is the right credit card from BGL BNP Paribas.

Travel insurance and assistance included with your Mastercard

With the Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard Elite credit cards, you benefit from a wide range of insurance and assistance, as well as a 24/7 concierge service(1).

So you can make the most of your holidays in the mountains with the whole family.

For winter sports, this insurance also covers(2) :

  • on-slope rescue costs,
  • costs if you need hospital treatment,
  • protection of your equipment,
  • potential reimbursement of your ski passes.

Insurance and assistance in the event of a skiing accident

Want to ski with peace of mind? With Mastercard, you benefit from holiday let insurance for the duration of your trip, plus other types of cover including mountain rescue and evacuation cover.

If an incident occurs while you’re skiing, your skiing insurance will cover all reasonable and necessary emergency costs incurred while finding you, rescuing you and evacuating you to the nearest medical centre.

You are also covered for repatriation assistance to help you get back home if your injuries prevent you from driving a car.

Your skiing equipment is insured

The insurance linked to your Mastercard Platinum or Elite card means that you’re covered up to the limit specified in your insurance policy in the event of accidental loss, theft or damage to skiing equipment that you have rented or that you own.
Similarly, you benefit from insurance linked to the rental of your skiing equipment.

If you are temporarily separated from your equipment for over 24 hours during transit, skiing insurance allows you to hire the replacement equipment you need.

Reimbursement for your ski passes and lessons

If you’re injured and can’t carry on skiing for the rest of your stay, the insurance on your Mastercard Platinum or Mastercard Elite card allows you to claim back the maximum amount stipulated in the insurance policy for the unused portion of:

  • your skiing lessons,
  • the lift pass,
  • rental on your skiing equipment.

Good to know

As well as snow and mountain insurance/assistance, our Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard Elite cards offer access to a range of travel insurance and assistance products for you and your family (travel cancellation and accidents, medical assistance, medical costs and other expenses in the foreign country, lost/delayed luggage, etc.).

Discover the added benefits linked to your BGL BNP Paribas Mastercard credit card now.

Assistance during my trip abroad

For any questions or issues, our helpdesk is available seven days a week.

Mastercard Gold
(+352) 27 30 21 31
Mastercard Platinum
(+352) 27 30 21 30
Mastercard Elite
(+352) 27 30 21 33
Per e-mail: gestionsinistres@europ-assistance.be ou assur-lux.spb.eu
Compare the insurance and assistance available with your cards

 1) Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.
2) This section is non-exhaustive, and subject to conditions. Please refer to the “Insurance” publications for more information.