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Combine the benefits of regular savings with those of dynamic investing

  • do you need to save up for your medium or long-term plans? Automatic saving enables you to put money aside without ever having to think about it;
  • regular savings: you choose the amount and frequency of automatic account payments;
  • guidance: your advisor assesses your needs and helps you determine your investor profile. They also help you select the investment funds that best suit your goals and risk profile;
  • dynamic saving: your money is invested in our themed range, a selection of funds based on our convictions, chosen and tracked by our specialists to ensure that they suit your goals;
  • controlled risk: regular contributions mitigate the impact of financial market fluctuations;
  • flexibility: no initial payment, you can buy or sell shares in the selected funds at any time.

Did you know?

The capital invested is not guaranteed and shares are resold at market conditions. We recommend that you maintain your investment over the investment horizon determined at the time of purchase, so as to achieve your objectives.

In practice

jeune homme

Charles has loads of plans for the future. Given his busy work schedule, he wants a simple solution to make his savings grow. With an automatic savings plan, he chooses to make scheduled payments of €300 every month. He is pleased to see that his capital is placed in investment funds that provide a dynamic return, higher than that of a traditional savings account.

Did you know? With an automatic savings plan, you soften the impact of market fluctuations on your portfolio

When markets are rising, the average purchase price increases, but so does the overall capital invested. When the markets are down, you buy more shares and thus benefit from a lower average purchase price. This helps soften the effects of the market on your portfolio. Thanks to automatic saving, downturns are cushioned, and returns are more quickly obtained – particularly appropriate during times of market volatility!

This document does not claim to provide an exhaustive description of the investment services to which it refers, nor of certain associated risks. A decision to invest may not be taken solely on the basis of this document and should only be taken after careful analysis of all its characteristics and associated risks (as described in the “Investor Guide”) after having obtained all the necessary information. BGL BNP Paribas S.A, as a credit institution, is subject to regulation and supervision by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), 283 route d’Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg.

Frequently asked questions about automatic savings plans

  • icone faq question Why should I choose regular payments to build up my savings?

    With a pre-determined investment plan, you no longer have to worry about the “right” time to invest. Your decisions are no longer guided by emotions. What’s more, you benefit from less volatility with an average cost price over the entire investment period.

  • icone faq question Why is it easier to invest with Easinvest?

    Saving a small amount each month allows you to gradually build up your capital. This reduces the impact on your everyday expenses, while providing you with access to greater growth potential than a traditional savings account.

  • icone faq question Are the minimum monthly payments compatible with my savings capacity?

    You need to save at least €50 per month if you’re an adult (€30 minimum for minors), or €100 per quarter.

  • icone faq question Can I change or suspend my payments?

    An automatic savings plan offers you total freedom. At any moment, you can:

    • Change the amount, frequency or investor profile,
    • Make additional payments,
    • Suspend your payments,
    • Cancel and settle your account by reselling your shares in the funds at market conditions.
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