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The advantages of OptiSave+

An insurance savings plan for you and your family

You can pick and choose which additional guarantees you want and designate the beneficiaries of the capital in the event of your death.

A life insurance savings scheme in Luxembourg

OptiSave+ is a life insurance policy(1). It helps you to save and invest(2) on a regular basis while enjoying tax benefits(3) .

A solution adapted to your requirements

With OptiSave+ you can:

  • save regularly via automatic transfers;
  • choose the frequency and amount of premiums;
  • choose your investment profile;
  • surrender the policy if you need to.

Regular savings with tax benefits

Depending on your individual circumstances, you can access tax deductions thanks to OptiSave+.

Maximum deductible amounts for interest and life insurance

Family situation  Single Married or in a civil partnership
Taxpayer EUR 672 EUR 1,344
Taxpayer + 1 child EUR 1,344 EUR 2,016
Taxpayer + 2 children EUR 2,016 EUR 2,688
Taxpayer + 3 children EUR 2,688 EUR 3,360
Per child + EUR 672 + EUR 672

One tree planted for every new policy

In co-operation with REFOREST'ACTION, our partner Cardif Lux Vie will plant one tree for every new policy taken out!

You can get updates on the Cardif Lux Vie reforestation project in the Greater Region.

Frequently asked questions

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    What is the minimum pay-in?

    Your financial capacity and goals will determine how you save. You have the choice between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments.

    The minimum pay-in amount is €50.

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    Who does the capital go to if the policyholder dies?

    The capital goes to the person (or people) designated by the policyholder. This can be a child, spouse or any other person, whether or not they are related.

    It’s also possible to switch beneficiaries during the policy term.

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    Is it possible to resume or cancel an insurance savings policy?

    You have 30 days to cancel your policy. The recommended minimum policy retention period is 10 years, in order to benefit from the special life insurance tax scheme. Should you need it, you can request the full redemption of your policy at any time. However, redeeming your policy may have negative consequences, for your taxes, but also for performance, the capital guarantee, or redemption fees.

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    Am I eligible for tax benefits under this savings plan?

    As a Luxembourg tax resident or an “equivalent” resident for tax purposes, the premiums paid are tax-deductible as “special expenses”. Premiums paid are tax-deductible as “special expenses” for all policies with a minimum 10-year term (up to €672 per household member – Article 111 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law, or LIR).

    When the policy matures, Luxembourg residents benefit from a complete tax exemption on the capital accrued.

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(1) This product, designed by Cardif Lux Vie, is distributed by its insurance agency
BGL BNP Paribas. Cardif Lux Vie is a
Luxembourg insurance company. Subscription subject to conditions and approval of your
application by the bank.

(2) There is no capital or return guarantee for this product. Investments
in the funds are subject to market fluctuations
and to the risks inherent in securities investments. The fund fact
sheets are available in your local branch.

(3) Tax deductibility varies based on the personal situation of each client and is subject to change. The premiums you pay under the policy are tax deductible under Article 111 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law (LIR). Any premiums paid under the policy will be tax-deductible up to €672 per person belonging to the tax household and per annum, provided the policy is held for at least 10 years and subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set out in Article 111 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law (LIR). This ceiling applies for all eligible insurance policies and debit interest.