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The BGL BNP Paribas student offer* is a CEDIES student loan, including:

  • a EUR 5,000 interest-free advance**,
  • a rental guarantee for your student accommodation,
  • free withdrawals at all BNP Paribas Group ATMs in the eurozone*** and Deutsche Bank ATMs in Germany.

How to prepare for your studies

Your student loan for higher education and postgraduate studies

Need some extra cash? Do you intend to continue your university studies after graduation?

Take advantage of a higher education or postgraduate loan*. Whatever your plans are, we offer a customised fixed-rate loan, with regular monthly payments and a flexible repayment plan:

  • higher education loan for undergraduate and graduate studies (including at the University of Luxembourg) and non-university tertiary studies,
  • postgraduate loan: for postgraduate studies, MBA, PhD, etc...

Competition: win a Zalando voucher worth EUR 120

When you take out a CEDIES loan with BGL BNP Paribas, you have a chance to win a Zalando voucher worth EUR 120!

Taking part couldn’t be easier:

  • take out a CEDIES BGL BNP Paribas loan by 31 October,
  • cross your fingers!

A EUR 5,000 interest-free advance**? I’ll take it!


Mary has decided to go to university in Luxembourg. She’s received the CEDIES loan letter of acceptance.

She also gets an interest-free advance of EUR 5,000 from BGL BNP Paribas to help with the cost of settling in while she waits for the first disbursement of her State-funded student loan.

She’ll pay back the advance with no extra fees once her CEDIES loan becomes available.


Rental guarantee without a deposit!

If you’re renting, your landlord will probably require a rental guarantee. We’ll provide you with the rental guarantee amount in a blocked account*, so there’s no need to advance the cash!

This way, if the owner claims compensation from you, you’ll only be required to pay for the actual cost of the repairs. Valid throughout the European Union!

Did you know?

All your V PAY debit card withdrawals are free*** in the eurozone.
You can therefore make withdrawals free of charge at the following ATMs:

  • BNP Paribas Group banks (via Global Network),
  • Our partner banks (via Global Alliance).

See our list of banks and countries offering free EUR withdrawals with your V PAY debit card!

Student insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances

OptiStudent is insurance coverage(2) available with all CEDIES student loans, with our partner Europ Assistance. Exclusive to BGL BNP Paribas! It guarantees you:

  • free insurance for five years,
  • 24/7 assistance in the event of illness, accident or hospitalisation,
  • coverage of basic necessities(3) if your luggage has been delayed for eight hours or more.

Financial aid for your studies

Take a look at our guides to find out which grants you’re eligible for to finance your studies in Luxembourg or abroad.

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Frequently asked questions

  • icone faq question How can I find out how much I can borrow under a CEDIES student loan?

    You’ll need to apply for financial assistance for each semester and attach the requested documents. Once your application has been assessed by CEDIES, you’ll be informed of the amount you may claim.

  • icone faq question Can I postpone my repayment period if I need a loan for postgraduate studies?

    Your advisor will assess your situation and find the best way of financing your studies. Together, you’ll draw up a new repayment plan. Please feel free to discuss these matters with your advisor. They’ll help you pursue your studies with total peace of mind.

  • icone faq question Can I secure a rental guarantee for a property in France?

    Yes, you can set up a rental guarantee for a property in France. You can use the rental guarantee anywhere in the European Union. To unblock it, your landlords will need to send a letter to the bank confirming that there has been no damage to the property. The guarantee can then be released.

* Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.
** This advance must be paid back as soon as you receive the CEDIES student loan.
*** Only in countries that accept V PAY cards.

(2) Terms and conditions are available at your local branch.
(3) Up to EUR 250 maximum