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Are you a homeowner looking to make your home more comfortable? Want to fit out your terrace to soak up the summer sun, install a new kitchen or bathroom, or improve your home’s energy performance? 

We can help. Learn about our range of loans* for your renovation and choose a product tailored to your personal situation.

Why should I apply for a loan to finance my project?

Opting for a loan allows you to spread costs out over time and hold on to your savings for surprise expenses. 

The personal loan offers:

  • a fixed interest rate throughout the contract
  • regular monthly repayments
  • repayment term from 12 to 60 months

Good to know

If your renovation project increases the value or improves the energy efficiency of your property, you may qualify for a mortgage. This could be the case if your plans include extension work, roof renovations or, in some cases, installing a new fitted kitchen. Contact your BGL BNP Paribas advisor to learn more. 

How can I get a loan to finance my renovation?

Before securing a loan for a renovation in Luxembourg, you’ll need to start by identifying the works to be completed as a priority.

Get multiple quotes 

Enlist the services of multiple construction firms to estimate the cost of the works. Get quotes from several builders to compare prices. This way, you’ll be able to calculate a budget for the renovation of your house or flat.

Contact us

Our advisors will then examine your application, analyse the quotes and offer you a loan for your renovation in Luxembourg, tailored to your personal financial situation.

If you’re already a client, connect to Web Banking. Not a client yet? Perform an online simulation and loan application or contact us.

Sign your loan agreement

If BGL BNP Paribas accepts your application, we’ll schedule a meeting at your preferred branch in order to sign your personal renovation loan contract. You can then get started on the renovations!

Are there subsidies to help finance my renovation work?

The Luxembourg Ministry of Housing offers a range of capital and interest subsidies for home improvement projects.

For example, if the property is your primary residence and you live there full time, under certain conditions you could qualify for:

Thoroughly research the various government subsidies before you get started, especially if this assistance will form part of your renovation budget.

A list of all available energy renovation subsidies can be found at guichet.lu. The website also has a housing grant simulator.

(1) For a loan of EUR 20,000 repayable over 48 months at a fixed interest rate of 5,80 % per annum, you would pay 48 instalments of EUR 468,80 (excluding optional insurance). No application fees. APR Fixed annual percentage rate: 6,05% per annum (subject to paying your salary into an “Essentiel” account held with our bank). Total amount owed by the borrower: EUR 22.502,46.

The hypothetical example is provided for information purposes only and cannot be considered a loan offer and/or approval. The bank is not liable for this example or for any decisions made based on this example.

Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.