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Réserve Privilège(1) is a cash reserve. Thanks to this cash advance, you’ll be able to cover for surprise expenses or impulse purchases with total peace of mind.

The “Réserve Privilège” cash reserve can be used any time without justification. It’s an alternative to a traditional line of credit or a personal loan.

A comfortable cash reserve

To help you finance your projects, Réserve Privilège offers a permanent cash reserve:

  • of a minimum of EUR 2,500 ;
  • of a maximum of EUR 37,500.

The maximum amount of this reserve cannot be more than eight times your monthly salary.
Just like a home loan or personal loan, the bank will need to complete a creditworthiness check based on your financial capacity before you can access Réserve Privilège, in order to protect your interests.
As soon as the contract is signed and the line of credit is granted, your Réserve Privilège solution is made immediately and permanently available to you in a separate account. All that’s left is to transfer the amount you need into your account, and spend it as required.

A cash reserve paid back every month

Your Réserve Privilège facility is gradually replenished, thanks to monthly payments scheduled via a standing order.

The repayment amount is defined together with your advisor, and may vary between 2% and 5% of the amount of the reserve.

At the end of the calendar quarter, a EUR 4 closing fee and interest charges are recorded. Please note that interest is only paid on the amounts drawn down.

Good to know

Interests paid on lines of credit are tax-deductible up to EUR 672 per person in the tax household(2).

Secure your cash reserve with Réserve Protect insurance

When you sign up to the Réserve Privilège solution, you can take out Réserve Protect insurance. This policy guarantees the repayment of the outstanding Réserve Privilège credit line in the event of death or an accident. Your family will then be protected and won’t have to spend a cent of their own savings to repay the loan.

Need cash for an impulse purchase?

Enzo and Chloé want to redecorate their living room, replace their sofa, change their TV stand, and repaint the walls. After a chat with their BGL BNP Paribas advisor, they decide to go with Réserve Privilège because it’s convenient and they won’t have to dip into their savings. They repay the loan in their own time, and build their personal reserve back up for potential future purchases or surprise expenses.

Frequently asked questions

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    How does this solution differ from a personal loan or the OptiLine credit facility?

    Compared with the OptiLine credit facility, Réserve Privilège is capped at a much higher EUR 37,500. While a personal loan is intended for one-time use and comes with a fixed repayment schedule, Réserve Privilège is revolving, with no fixed term.

  • icone faq question
    When can I terminate my contract?

    You can terminate your contract at any time. The bank may also decide to terminate or suspend the loan without notice if your direct debit is terminated or if the income you pay into the bank falls substantially.

(1) Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.
(2) Tax deductibility varies based on the personal situation of each client and is subject to change.