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Start saving up for your child with a life insurance policy: a secure and high-performing solution

Start preparing for your child’s future well before they leave home. From the moment they’re born, you can take out a life insurance policy to protect them.

Created by Cardif Lux Vie, this life insurance policy allows you to:

  • Take advantage of guaranteed capital,
  • Invest in a guaranteed-rate fund where the amount is defined at the beginning of the policy and applies to all premiums,
  • Rest easy with the guarantee that the policy will continue until maturity in all circumstances,
  • Control when your child can access the funds,
  • Sign up for additional guarantees to provide protection in the event of disability of the insured person and/or the beneficiary.

Deduct premiums paid from your taxes, provided that the policy is held for a minimum of 10 years and you pay tax in Luxembourg.

Choose a life insurance policy over a child savings account

Assurance et investissement pour enfants

Victoria knows that her son will need money to get started in life, whether it’s to finance his studies, travels, or to buy furniture for his first apartment. She needs a savings solution so that whatever happens, her son will have access to capital when he turns 18. Victoria's situation also means she can get tax deductions. With all the advantages it offers, she decides to go for OptiKids rather than a savings account.

Did you know? The policyholder can be a beneficiary.

The policyholder can change the beneficiary at any time. They can also name themselves the final beneficiary.

Frequently asked questions about OptiKids savings insurance

  • icone faq question Who can take out this life insurance?

    The policy is aimed at parents, grandparents or relatives wishing to finance their kids’ or grandkids’ education, or give them a head start in life. It is only marketed to Luxembourg residents and those treated as residents for tax purposes.

  • icone faq question When can the child access their capital?

    The policy matures at the latest when the child turns 30.

  • icone faq question Can I change the beneficiary?

    Yes. The policyholder can change the identity of the beneficiary at any time, but they must do so before the policy matures.


  • icone faq question What’s the difference between OptiKids life insurance and opening a child savings account?

    With the OptiKids insurance savings scheme, the policyholder makes all of the decisions. Up until the policy matures, they decide who will receive the investment.

    It’s also possible to get tax deductions with OptiKids if the policy held for at least 10 years. and the policyholder and the beneficiary are part of the same tax household. With this tax benefit, life insurance can in some cases actually perform better than a savings account.

  • icone faq question What’s the Cardif Lux Vie participation rate? How are the premiums saved compensated?

    Premiums are valued at the contractually agreed guaranteed minimum rate. You may also benefit from additional compensation “profit sharing”, which depends on the performance of the insurer, Cardif Lux Vie.

  • icone faq question What happens if the policyholder dies or becomes incapacitated?

    If the policyholder dies or becomes incapacitated, premiums are no longer payable and the target capital amount will be paid by the insurance company upon maturity thanks to the cover included with the product; your child is therefore protected whatever happens.

  • icone faq question What is the child’s cut-off age to take out the policy?

    You can take out a life insurance policy and make contributions up to the child’s 25th birthday.

  • icone faq question Can I take advantage of tax benefits?

    Yes, under certain conditions:

    • Premiums paid are tax deductible as “special expenses” for all policies with a minimum 10-year term (up to €672 per household member – Article 111 of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law, or LIR),
    • The policyholder and the beneficiary must be part of the same tax household,
    • The policyholder must report their income and pay tax in Luxembourg.

Want to know more?

 Take a look at the OptiKids brochure (in French).

This product from Cardif Lux Vie is distributed by BGL BNP Paribas, Cardif Lux Vie’s insurance agency, entered in the register of insurance intermediaries under number 1996AC001.

Tax deductibility varies based on the personal situation of each client and is subject to change.