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Our accounts with exceptional terms

For employees of partner companies


Save time by opening your account online and meet your adviser at a branch at a later date.

Benefit from discounted fees on an account for civil servants, subject to having your salary paid into a BGL BNP Paribas account(1)(2).

Comfort Pack

€0 instead of €6 per month

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Exclusive Pack

€6 instead of €12 per month

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Our stock market investment products and services

As soon as your account with BGL BNP Paribas is open, you have direct access to the stock markets.

All you have to do is choose the right type of support.

Full independence

Direct Invest Access

Build and manage your securities portfolio on your own terms.

With our Direct Invest Access service, you have easy access to a wide array of financial products. You can place stock market orders autonomously via a secure platform and access comprehensive financial information.


Direct Invest Selection

Would you like guidance on your investment decisions?

Direct Invest Selection is the solution for you. Access top recommendations from the financial products in our selection at any time, based on your investment objectives and horizon.

Tailored advice

Direct Invest Expert

Our team of investment specialists is here to help you make investment decisions during the portfolio construction phase and throughout the investment lifecycle. Direct Invest Expert offers personalised monitoring and tailored advice on a range of asset classes.

Your long-term benefits at BGL BNP PARIBAS

For a more sustainable home

The energy retrofitting loan

Find out about our energy retrofitting loan, which offers preferential terms to support you in creating a more sustainable home.

A pre-requisite for State subsidies

Our energy consultation services

BGL BNP Paribas and its partner Actif can help you apply for State subsidies for your energy retrofitting project.

A sustainable way to get around

Green mobility loan

Discover our low-interest green mobility loan. Plus, get support to install a charging point and access State subsidies.

Fund savings plans with built-in sustainability

Our selection of Funds

Are you looking to grow your investments? Our selection of funds, reflecting our convictions, allows you to revitalise your savings and build a responsible, high-quality portfolio.


Start saving on your own terms with automatic and scheduled payments. Invest in a range of funds selected by our experts and have an in-branch adviser help you pick investments based on your goals.

Direct Invest Clic

Direct Invest Clic is a solution to invest through scheduled regular investment in our online Web Banking. With this automated investment solution, financial markets help your savings grow. ESG-compliant funds are available.

Become a homeowner on preferential terms

BGL BNP Paribas offers financing solutions tailored to your needs, and allows you to:

  • Take out a loan for a period of up to 30 years;
  • Defer your first monthly payment;
  • Benefit from progressive repayments;
  • Adjust your repayment amount as your circumstances change;
  • Protect your loved ones using the Cardif Lux Vie credit protection insurance (ASRD) available with your loan.

As an employee of the Luxembourg civil service, you pay a fixed application fee of EUR 250 for your home loan(3) (instead of 0.5% of the loan amount).

couple devant leur nouvelle propriete PCC

Preferential terms for your other loans

By having your salary paid into a civil servant bank account, you’ll also gain access to exclusive conditions for any other loans you might take out to make your projects a reality:

  • No application fees for any personal loans(3) (for CGFP members: up to EUR 25,000, special preferential rate in accordance with the agreement signed by CGFP Services ABSL and BGL BNP Paribas);
  • An attractive rate for the Réserve Privilège(3) (line of credit up to EUR 37,500).

You have decided to step into the world of green mobility by buying an electric vehicle:

Benefit from full financing(3) of your green mobility (vehicle and charging point, if applicable).

If you’re interested in our non-banking offer, talk to your adviser who will put you in touch with our trusted partner Diego Luxembourg S.A..

This partnership gives you access to a comprehensive solution for charging your vehicle:

  • the acquisition and installation of a home charging point;
  • a diego.mobility token for charging at numerous public charging points in Luxembourg and Europe;
  • filing of your application for the charging point government bonus(4) (available to residents only)(5);
homme-au-volant PCC

We can help you access the rental market

Get a deposit-free rental guarantee of up to EUR 5,000 to cover your security deposit(3)(6).

BGL BNP Paribas thus allows you to save the deposit amount (three months’ rent excluding utilities) without needing to pay it up front to the owner.

This benefit is available to government and civil service employees aged under 30.

enfant qui porte paquet a travers nouvelle maison PCC

Get a Private Lease all-inclusive car

Private lease(7) let you travel with peace of mind in a new vehicle of your choice, all costs included.

For a fixed monthly lease payment, enjoy the pleasure of driving without constraints. A ready-to-roll solution thanks to our partner Arval Luxembourg.

Take advantage of preferential terms with a civil servant bank account:

  • Access the vehicle of your choice (no restrictions on make, model, colour or features);
  • No excess if your no-claims bonus level is under 3.

Discover our current offers.

All the digital services you need

With Web Banking, you can bank online any time.
Plus, you can use the Payconiq, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay payment solutions.

jeune femme gere compte bancaire sur telephone portable PCC

Would you like to pay less tax?


Secure your future quality of life by planning for your retirement today. Set up a supplementary pension or retirement capital, while taking advantage of tax benefits.


Protect your and your loved ones’ future with regular savings. Build capital easily with OptiSave+ life insurance.


Do you want to become a homeowner? If you combine a home savings scheme from our partner Wüstenrot with a home loan, you can finance your new home and take advantage of tax breaks at the same time.

Not yet a client?

You could be missing out on benefits negotiated for you


  • icone faq question
    Qui peut ouvrir un compte bancaire pour fonctionnaires chez BGL BNP Paribas ?

    L’ensemble des offres présentées dans cette brochure est valable pour tout agent du secteur étatique et communal du Luxembourg, ainsi que pour son conjoint en cas d’ouverture d’un compte joint(*).

    Cette offre est valable pour les fonctionnaires, les employés, les salariés et les retraités du secteur etatique et communal du Luxembourg.

    (*) Sous réserve d’acceptation du dossier par la banque et de la domiciliation du salaire versé par l’État.

  • icone faq question
    Quelles sont les conditions pour profiter des tarifs préférentiels et avantages du compte bancaire pour fonctionnaires BGL BNP Paribas ?

    Vous devez domicilier votre salaire versé par l’Etat luxembourgeois sur votre compte BGL BNP Paribas. Pour les retraités, la domiciliation de la pension est requise. Le service gratuit FaciliSwitch de BGL BNP Paribasvous permet de changer de banque très facilement!  


Frequently asked

  • icone faq question
    Who can open a BGL BNP Paribas civil servant bank account?

    All the offers shown in this brochure are valid for all local authority and government employees and for their spouses in the context of a joint account(1).

    This offer is valid for civil servants, employees, staff and retired workers in the Luxembourg local authority and government sector.

    (1)Subject to bank approval of your application and the salary being paid into the account by the government.

  • icone faq question
    How do I take advantage of the preferential rates and benefits on offer through the BGL BNP Paribas bank account for civil servants?

    Simply arrange for your salary to be paid by the Luxembourg government into your BGL BNP Paribas account. For retirees, pensions must be paid into this account. BGL BNP Paribas’ free FaciliSwitch service makes changing banks easy!


(1) The civil servant bank account is available to local authority and government officials in Luxembourg (and their spouse in the case of a joint account) subject to acceptance of their application by the bank and their salary being paid into the account by the government.
This offer is valid for civil servants, employees, staff and retired workers in the Luxembourg local authority and government sector. For retirees, pensions must be paid into this account. The loyalty discount is also granted when at least EUR 1,500 is paid in to your BGL BNP Paribas current account each month.
(2) Offer only valid for one use and for new beneficiaries of the BGL BNP Paribas Civil Servant package only.
(3) Subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.
(4) Tax deductibility varies based on the personal situation of each client and is subject to change.
(5) Reserved for charging points installed in Luxembourg, for Luxembourg residents. The charging points are compatible with all chargeable electric or hybrid vehicles.
(6) The provision of a rental guarantee is a paid service.
(7) Offer subject to conditions and approval of your application by BGL BNP Paribas and Arval Luxembourg S.A., exclusive to residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This document does not constitute an offer. A lease agreement is dependent on your application being analysed by BGL BNP Paribas SA and accepted by the leaser, Arval Luxembourg SA, and will always be subject to the Private Lease terms and conditions.

BGL BNP Paribas, a Luxembourg société anonyme (public limited company) having its registered office at 50, avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-2951 Luxembourg, is responsible for producing and distributing this document.
The information contained in this document does not constitute a recommendation or investment advice. BGL BNP Paribas has taken all reasonable measures when drafting the information contained in this document to ensure that it is accurate, clear and not misleading. A decision to invest cannot be taken solely on the basis of this document and should only be taken after careful analysis of the product’s characteristics and all associated risks (as described in the “Investor Guide”), having obtained all the necessary information and sought guidance from professional advisers (including tax advisers where necessary).
BGL BNP Paribas S.A., as a credit institution, is subject to regulation and supervision by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), 283 route d’Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg.”