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  • icone faq question What is Digicash?

    Digicash is a mobile payment solution developed by Digicash Payments. It can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play, and used on all Android or iPhone smartphones. The major advantage of this solution is that it is directly linked to your bank account, meaning that you don’t need to top it up. Payments are made by transfer and are free.

    Digicash facilitates free, easy and secure payments (both invoices and purchases) for customers directly from their bank account using their smartphone, online or at partner sales outlets.

  • icone faq question How do I use Digicash?

    Digicash can only be used for purchases in Luxembourg.

    There are three payment methods:

    • At the point of sale (e.g. Cora, Batiself),
    • Online, using a computer or smartphone (e.g.,,
    • With invoices that include the Digicash QR code (e.g. Foyer, Lalux, Leo, Ville de Luxembourg, etc.).

    The Digicash payment solution enables your smartphone to retrieve the necessary payment data and make a transfer from your bank account to the store’s.

  • icone faq question How do I activate Digicash?

    Download the Digicash app on your smartphone, then activate it in Web Banking under “Payment”.

  • icone faq question Who can use Digicash?

    Anyone with a euro bank account who has internet access or mobile banking set up for this account.

  • icone faq question When can I use Digicash?

    You can use Digicash at all stores and outlets that accept it as a payment method. The logo will usually be displayed next to the cash register and/or at the entrance. You can also pay invoices with the Digicash QR code and shop online with participating e-commerce sites.

  • icone faq question Are there any fees for using Digicash?

    Transactions are free for users who pay, transfer or receive money with Digicash.

  • icone faq question How do I know if my Digicash payment has gone through?

    Once your Digicash transaction has been approved, a payment confirmation message appears on your smartphone screen and a corresponding confirmation is sent to the store.

    If there is a problem, an error message will appear on your screen and the transaction will be cancelled.

    You can view your Digicash payment history at any time on Web Banking.

  • icone faq question Are Digicash payments secure?

    The infrastructure meets stringent security and encryption standards relating to mobile payments. You confirm every payment using your Digicash PIN or your digital fingerprint.

    Digicash QR codes and data issued by the Digicash Beacon terminals contain the information required for each payment, however this freely-accessible information is not confidential.