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Expert investment advice

Direct Invest+ offers access to highly specialised expertise in building your portfolio. Take advantage of advice from a team of specialists to ensure the performance of your investments.

  • recommendations depending on your objectives and investor profile. Our experts are there to advise you on all of the financial products available on the markets;
  • a wide range of financial investments: over 5,000 investment funds, stocks listed on 21 international markets and a range of financial instruments (bonds, equities, open architecture structured funds, etc.);
  • a team of enthusiastic experts, always up to date with economic and financial news;
  • teams can be easily contacted, online or by phone;
  • a secure platform for managing your investments online.

Bespoke management of your investments in Luxembourg

Homme qui est en train de faire un investissement

Frank has a diversified portfolio but doesn’t have time to keep up with economic news. His Direct Invest+ advisor tells him about the best investment opportunities on the market. He makes recommendations in line with Frank’s goals and interests, saving him time and money.

Did you know? You can receive advice on investments selected by you

The experts at BGL BNP Paribas can also provide advice on investments outside the range available on the platform. The Direct Invest+ team undergoes continuous training. It meets every week to discuss the latest market trends and draw on the analyses of BNP Paribas Group experts. 

This document does not claim to provide an exhaustive description of the investment services to which it refers, nor of certain associated risks. A decision to invest may not be taken solely on the basis of this document and should only be taken after careful analysis of all its characteristics and associated risks (as described in the “Investor Guide”) after having obtained all the necessary information. BGL BNP Paribas S.A, as a credit institution, is subject to regulation and supervision by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), 283 route d’Arlon, L-1150 Luxembourg.

Frequently asked questions about the Direct Invest+ solution for investors

  • icone faq question Do I need specific login details to connect to the Direct Invest+ area?

    No, you can log on to Web Banking with your usual login details. You’ll have access to the dedicated investor area, containing all the information relating to your portfolio.

  • icone faq question Do I always have to follow my advisor’s recommendations?

    Your advisor is there to guide you and offer their opinion. You maintain total control over any buy and sell orders you place.

  • icone faq question Is it possible to have regular follow-up?

    It’s up to you – you can contact your advisor at any time. For example, you may wish to set up a regular phone appointment to review your portfolio’s progress.

  • icone faq question How do I contact my advisor?

    Your advisor and their team can be reached by phone on 42 42 40 04 (from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm) or by appointment.

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