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Our current Private Lease Green offer !

Thanks to Private Lease Green, start driving an eco-friendly hybrid or electric vehicle, with no hassle and a fixed monthly budget.

Thanks to leasing for individuals, drive the car that suits you, on your own terms

Discover Private Lease(1), the leasing solution for individuals living in Luxembourg. Ideal for managing your budget, saving time and driving with complete peace of mind.

  • new vehicle: start cruising in the vehicle of your choice (make, model, colour, features, etc.) with a fixed monthly payment (Renault group vehicles excluded);
  • term and mileage defined in your contract;
  • monthly all-inclusive lease including a range of services: upkeep, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle, etc.;
  • simple: at the end of the leasing contract, you return your vehicle without any risk regarding its resale value;
  • single contact: Arval Luxembourg, specialised BNP Paribas’ leasing specialist and a major player in long-term car rentals.

Would you prefer to buy a car rather than lease one? Discover our Luxembourg car loan offering.

Offer subject to conditions and approval of your application by the bank.

Total control of your car budget

Homme reçoit clefs pour nouvelle voiture du vendeur

Claude wants to buy a car without dipping into his savings. Thanks to the leasing offer, he keeps the cost of financing his vehicle under control by paying a fixed amount for the duration of the car rental contract. This way, he maintains the savings he’s put aside for buying a house.

Did you know? The rental amount is also calculated based on the car’s resale price

Under an operational lease, the purchase price, as well as the car’s resale price, are used to calculate the rental payments. Therefore, the higher the car’s resale value, the lower the rental amount.

Discover our catalogue of vehicles available for lease by private individuals

Want to know more about our Private Lease offer? Discover our selection of vehicles in our online catalogue, including certain examples of cars and rates (non-exhaustive catalogue).

Frequently asked questions about Private Lease, car leasing for individuals

  • icone faq question Who is the Private Lease offering aimed at?

    Private Lease is designed for Luxembourg residents.

  • icone faq question What type of car can I rent?

    You can rent any new car purchased from a Luxembourg dealer with the exception of Renault group cars, luxury cars and vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes authorised on Luxembourg roads.

  • icone faq question What services are included in my leasing agreement?

    Arval Luxembourg offers all-inclusive car lease agreements (excluding fuel) with monthly lease payments covering:

    • Use of the vehicle,
    • Upkeep and maintenance: regular servicing, mandatory roadworthiness tests, tyre changes (depending on the estimated mileage), replacement of defective parts,
    • International insurance and assistance: insurance, material damage cover, 24-hour breakdown service and towing throughout Europe, driver and passenger repatriation, replacement vehicle,
    • Taxes: registration, tax disk.
  • icone faq question How are the monthly lease payments calculated for my car?

    Determined in advance, monthly lease payments (60 months maximum) are calculated based on the vehicle’s purchase price and include the car’s residual value, the contract term, mileage and operational services.

  • icone faq question What happens if I exceed my contractual mileage?

    During the term of the agreement, it’s possible to change the term and mileage free of charge (subject to the maximum authorised term and mileage limits for the vehicle in question) up to three months before the vehicle is returned. The monthly rent is then adjusted. It’s important to estimate your mileage carefully when the agreement is signed. In the event of any excess mileage consumption, an amendment to the agreement will be suggested taking into account a new lease payment and a new mileage allowance.

  • icone faq question Is it possible to terminate my contract early?

    Yes. Early termination fees will be charged depending on the number of days prior to contractual termination. The agreement can also be transferred to a third party under certain conditions.

  • icone faq question Do I have to cancel the insurance on my old car?

    Yes. Insurance is included in our long-term lease offer. You can transfer your old no-claims bonus to your Private Lease agreement. Once your previous insurance has been cancelled, simply send your certificate to Arval Luxembourg, which will transfer your no-claims bonus to your car rental.

  • icone faq question Is it possible to buy the car at the end of the agreement?

    Private Lease agreements do not provide the option of buying the car when the lease ends. The vehicle remains the property of the lessor, Arval Luxembourg, which is responsible for selling the car on the second-hand market when the agreement expires.

  • icone faq question Can I deduct the cost of my car in my tax return?

    Arval Luxembourg remains the car’s legal owner, and no tax benefit is therefore possible under the Private Lease agreement. If you wish to take out a long-term lease as a self-employed or freelance professional, you must refer to the legal and tax framework governing your profession.

(1) Offer reserved for retail clients living in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Subject to the review of your application by BGL BNP Paribas and approval by Arval Luxembourg. Insurance, tyres, material damage cover, taxes and regular servicing included. Fuel not included.

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