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Our accounts for young professionals

Benefit from discounted pricing on an account for young professionals, subject to having your salary paid into a BGL BNP Paribas account(1)(2).

Young People Pack


  • 1 Visa Debit accepted worldwide;
  • Five current accounts available in 11 currencies;
  • Free withdrawals in Luxembourg and abroad from the BNP Paribas Global Network and Global Alliance networks;
  • Account management and online credit transfers via Web Banking;
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Pack Comfort

Free for under 30s

Free for under 30s when you pay your salary into your account(2)
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We can help you access the rental market

Get a deposit-free rental guarantee of up to EUR 5,000 to cover your security deposit(3).
BGL BNP Paribas thus allows you to save the deposit amount (three months’ rent excluding utilities) without needing to pay it up front to the owner. This benefit is available to employees in their first year of living in Luxembourg and those aged under 30.

Enjoy drivring the new car of your choice on an all-inclusive basis in Luxembourg.

Private leases allow you travel with peace of mind in a new vehicle of your choice, all costs included. For a fixed monthly lease payment, enjoy the pleasure of driving without constraints. A mobility solution you can drive away as soon as you arrive in Luxembourg.
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Are you a student bursting with ideas?

Do you have plans to study in Luxembourg or abroad? We can support you throughout your studies. Whether it’s for a rental guarantee, a cash advance, suitable payment cards, the financing of your studies, the AideFi student loan, or something else, we have everything you need.
You can also get the Pack for free by sending us a certificate of school attendance.

Stress-free digital services!

With Web Banking, you can bank online any time. There’s a whole host of attractive features so you can manage your account independently.
Plus, you can use the Payconiq, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay payment solutions.

Regular savings online

Setting up regular savings as soon as possible is the best way to secure your future and bring your projects to fruition. Direct Invest Clic is a solution for scheduled regular investment through Web Banking. With this automated arrangement, the financial markets help your savings to grow.

Plans for retirement? The earlier you start, the better!

You may feel a long way from drawing your pension. However, starting to plan Optipension for retirement from the start of your career is the best way of saving the capital required to maintain a satisfactory standard of living in old age. You will also be entitled to tax breaks throughout your career.

Mastercard benefits

Insurance and assistance

Assistance and insurance for foreign travel

Did you know you can use your Mastercard Gold, Platinum or Elite when travelling abroad? They are accepted worldwide and include very helpful insurance and assistance services. Coverage varies depending on which Mastercard you have.

Eco-friendly solution

Our more environmentally friendly cards

To reduce the environmental impact of our bank cards, BGL BNP Paribas has decided to replace PVC (a material derived from oil) with PLA (polylactic acid). This is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable material produced using non-food corn.

Car rental abroad

Protection when renting cars abroad

Thanks to your Mastercard Platinum or Elite, you’re financially protected when you rent a car during a foreign holiday. If you have an accident and the rental company holds you responsible, you may be reimbursed the amount of any excess.

Opening a bank account

In branch or online

(1)Subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.
(2)Free for clients aged under 30 who are able to prove that at least €1,500/month is paid into their BGL BNP Paribas current account. Or who can provide a certificate of school attendance.
(3)Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank. The provision of a rental guarantee is a paid service.

Frequently asked questions

  • icone faq question
    Can I open a Bank account online, or do I have to go to my local branch?

    You can open your bank account entirely online, in just a few clicks.

  • icone faq question
    What documents do I need to provide to open an account?

    To open your young professionals bank account, you’ll need to provide:

    • Your ID card,
    • Your employment contract, or a recent payslip (dated within the last three months),
    • Proof of address: certificate of residence, electricity/, gas/ or water bill, home insurance certificate (dated within the last three months),
    • Your tax number.