Budget management

Good budget management is the key to your company's success. When you take out a long-term lease on your car, you know in advance how much you'll be spending throughout the duration of the agreement thanks to all-inclusive fixed lease payments. There'll be no more nasty surprises – you only pay for what you use, meaning you can free up cash for other investments.

 New vehicle

When you're running your own business, it's important to enjoy modern comforts and the latest safety features and fuel-saving technology for your business commutes. With a long-term vehicle lease, you can choose the model you want plus any extra features.

 Peace of mind

Being a freelancer or self-employed means you are consistently faced with the unexpected. Why not simplify your day-to-day with a long-term vehicle lease? All you need to do is choose your vehicle and a leasing expert will take care of the rest: servicing, maintenance, insurance, assistance, paperwork and taxes.

 Tax deductions

As a professional, you can deduct travel costs related to your business as operating expenses. With a long-term lease, your monthly payments will be deductible on a pro rata basis for professional use.

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