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Save for your child

With unbeatable interest rate

From birth to 18 years of age

Automatic or one-off payments

100% secure savings for your child

Build a nest egg for your child, which they can access once they turn 18.

Designed for under-18s, the Growth Savings Account offers an attractive interest rate.

Need to build up savings for your child, to pay for their education and give them a head start in life? The money is locked up until they turn 18: as your child grows, so does their capital.

The interest rate on the Growth Savings Account is periodically updated to reflect market rates.

Who can open a child’s Growth Savings Account?

Only the child’s parents or legal representatives can open an account.

Even if the money is paid in by someone else, such as grandparents, the legal representatives still have to open the savings account.

Saving made simple with standing orders

Setting up a standing order with automated payments is the best way of saving for the future.

If you schedule a monthly payment of €100 for 18 years, for example, you will have built up capital of €21,600, plus any interest earned by the savings account. You can set the amount and frequency based on your goals, and amend them whenever you like via Web Banking.


Our other savings products for children

For higher returns


Save for your child at your own pace with automatic scheduled payments. Invest in a range of sustainable funds selected by our experts. An adviser in your local branch can help you choose the best investments for your specific goals.

Access your savings at any time

Youth savings account

Young people under 29 years of age qualify for a preferential interest rate. Plan for your future the easy way by saving for what matters.