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Your car loan application in just a few clicks

Are you looking to buy a new or second-hand vehicle? Calculate your monthly repayments with our online simulator: your car loan is adapted to your personal and financial situation.

  • Repayment term: 12 to 60 months,
  • No application fee,
  • Repayment schedule drawn up when the contract is signed according to your budget,
  • Fixed rate: regular monthly repayments guaranteed,
  • Simple process and fast response times,
  • Choice of monthly repayment date,
  • Deduct the interest from your taxes.

Already a client? Log on to the 100% secure Web Banking platform to apply for a loan online.

Not yet a client? Use our simulators or contact us. An advisor will call you back to discuss your project’s feasibility and provide you with a personalised response.

Would you prefer a turnkey solution with all services included? Discover the Private Lease offer.

Offer subject to conditions and approval of your application. Standing order for direct deposit of applicant salary with the bank is required. Tax deductibility varies based on the personal situation of each client and is subject to change.

An online simulator that calculates your car loan amount

femme utilisant une tablette

Valerie has just been hired by a law firm in Luxembourg. To get to her new workplace, she plans to buy herself a new car. In order to budget for her purchase, she wants to calculate her monthly repayments. Thanks to the online simulator, Valerie has a clear idea of how much her car loan will be.

Did you know? You only pay interest on the amount you use

Request a release of funds for the exact date your new car is delivered: you only start paying interest from this date.

Frequently asked questions about car loans

  • icone faq question Who can take out a car loan?

    Car loans are designed for adults seeking to obtain financing for a new or second-hand vehicle.

  • icone faq question Is it possible to take out a car loan as a couple?

    Yes, of course.

  • icone faq question Can my car loan be paid off early?

    Yes, subject to an early repayment penalty that will be set when the loan agreement is signed.

  • icone faq question What are the tax benefits?

    A maximum of €672 in debit interest on consumer loans can be deducted as special expenses per person per tax household each year. Tax deductions relating to insurance premiums are included in this €672 cap.

    Tax deductibility varies based on the personal situation of each client and is subject to change.

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