Car loan

Car loan

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Do you want to buy a car? We will support you on your road to independence.





Do your lease simulation and loan application on Web Banking.


private lease

Ever thought of leasing rather than buying your new car?
- Discover our new Private Lease offer.


Personal loan approved for Luxembourg residents (or all person having an employment contract

established in Luxembourg).


The joint online loan application is unavailible for the moment . Please fill out your application later or call the Client Service on (+352) 42 42 - 2000.

Thank you for your understanding.




  • Documents to be included
    Example: for a 48-month loan totalling EUR 15.000, with a fixed debit rate of 2,90 % annually, you will repay 48 instalments of EUR 319.37 (not counting optional insurance). No application fees. Fixed APR (Annual Percentage Rate): 2,98 % annually (as long as you have an 'Essentiel' offer and your salary account is domiciled at our bank). Total amount due by the borrower: EUR 15 904,80.
    The use of this tool is in no way binding on the Bank with regard to the parameters used for the simulation and cannot be considered a loan offer and/or approval. The hypothetical examples are provided for information only and are not considered as an offer and/or acceptance of a loan application. The Bank cannot be held responsible for the examples given nor for any decision that any person might make based thereon.


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