Tax on interest expenses

Tax allowances on interest expenses

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Interest may be tax deductible to the order of EUR 672 per person in a taxpaying household.

Thus, you can claim tax allowances on interest expenses incurred on:

  • your current account: credit facility, or permanent credit line with monthly repayments 
  • your personal loan or car loan 


Family situation




EUR 672 

EUR 1,344

Taxpayer + 1 child

EUR 1,344

EUR 2,016

Taxpayer + 2 children

EUR 2,016

EUR 2,688

Taxpayer + 3 children

EUR 2,688

EUR 3,360

etc. (per additional child)

EUR + 672

EUR + 672

                                  *partners jointly liable 


The deductibility of consumer credits' interests is part of the same article as that of the life insurance, the maximum deductible amount is € 672. (article 109 LIR)

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