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Information concerning the transmission of personal data 


Personal data accompanying fund transfers is processed by the Bank, by BNP Paribas Group entities and by other specialised companies such as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). This processing may be done through the intermediary of local centres in European countries, the United States of America and elsewhere, operating in accordance with local laws. As a result, the authorities of these countries, notably the United States, may request access to personal data stored in processing centres as part of their fight against terrorism. Any Customer who gives an order to his Bank to execute a payment or any other transaction de facto accepts that all data necessary for the proper execution of said transaction may be processed outside of Luxembourg.

For more information, please read articles 26.11 (information on the person placing the order), 26.12 (transaction filtering as part of the fight against money laundering and terrorism) and 26.13 (automatic exchange of information) of our General Terms and Conditions.





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