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Employee engagement is at the heart of our corporate vision


One Million Hours 2 Help is a volunteer programme launched by the BNP Paribas Group aimed at all Group employees around the world.

The aim of the programme is for all employees to use their working time to contribute to the efforts of organisations seeking to build a more inclusive, environmentally aware world by achieving the collective total of 1 million hours of voluntary work. The volunteering itself can take the form of individual or collective charity initiatives.

In the Grand Duchy, this programme has been deployed for staff at BNP Paribas Group in Luxembourg.

What are the areas of focus?

Staff can take part in any project that seeks to reduce inequality and contribute to a greener world: 

  • Digital and social inclusion
  • Financial education
  • Young people
  • Environmental protection


What our employees say

ABBL is the finance industry’s biggest professional association. It represents most financial institutions, as well as regulated financial intermediaries and other professionals based in Luxembourg. It offers different programmes including the Zuumer Academy, which is an initiative aimed at fostering the integration and social inclusion of vulnerable individuals through financial education, using a variety of modules run by volunteers over a two-week period.

Thoughts of a BGL BNP Paribas employee:

“I’ve gone along to the Zuumer Academy several times, and I have to say that these meetings are a real breath of fresh air. It feels as though what I get from the attendees far exceeds my modest contribution. Feeling useful is priceless”.


The ALIVE concept emerged in 2015 to answer community and environmental needs for short- or long-term help and care. FAMIL, which is part of this, is a day centre for children, teenagers and young adults aged 0-20 and having special needs. The centre is licensed by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region.

Interview with a BNP Paribas Securities Services employee

“The 1MH2H programme is a unique opportunity for every member of staff to do their bit to create a more united world that is more considerate of others’ needs. My experience at FAMIL taught me about the daily goings on in a day centre responsible for children with special needs, and allowed me to spend time with the children and gain a better understanding of the challenges facing the support staff as well as the children and their parents.
It’s a world apart from banking and is all about people – nothing like the complex reports and tables that I deal with each day. I was able to join a trip to the park using public transport, help with indoor DIY activities, and more generally play with the children or sit down for a meal. I hope that, by getting involved, I was able to add a little variety, fun and entertainment to their daily lives. In return I saw lots of joie de vivre from the children and their helpers.”

Omega 90 is a not-for-profit association (asbl) created in 1990 and recognised by the Luxembourg State as being of public benefit. It promotes initiatives to support individuals having serious illnesses, people who are dying, their friends and family, and those in mourning. More widely, Omega 90 aims to promote a culture of life that takes into account the reality of death.

Thoughts of two Cardif Lux Vie employees:

“I volunteered for Omega 90 as I think it’s always good to find time for others”.

“Helping Omega 90 was a chance for me to meet the people involved and assist others by supporting dying individuals. At the end of my time, I had the satisfaction of knowing I’d been useful to others.”