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Join... A Sustainable & Responsible Global Leader


To continue to thrive, we must continuously transform our business. With our cautious yet innovative strategy, BNP Paribas has been a banking establishment in Luxembourg, and a leader within Europe, for one hundred years, and our influence reaches around the world.


Our core values and ethical principles permeate every aspect of our business. What we do can only have value if it is meaningful to society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility department in Luxembourg addresses this challenge by establishing and implementing our social commitments.


BNP Paribas has over 200,000 employees across more than 70 countries. When joining an organisation such as ours, you must be willing to embrace this global dimension – and understand what it implies in terms of mindset, cultural diversity and reach.

We are… A Learning Company


We want our employees to feel fulfilled, and we also want to attract new talent. To achieve this, we strive to provide a customised, individual and increasingly digital experience to support the professional development of all members of staff.


Today, the working world is moving at an incredible speed. To keep pace, we need to have the right instincts at the right time, stay flexible and adapt quickly. The secret? Never stop learning. This is what we offer all of our employees, so that they keep improving and building their skillsets day after day. They can choose from a wide range of training programmes in innovative formats. We also want them to be proactive: they decide which courses they want to take and when.


Every person is unique, has their own ambitions and is on an individual journey. Each of our employees is free to be proactive and enrol in training programmes for career development. You will have many diverse opportunities for advancement during your career. And since we have such an incredible variety of positions available, the possibilities are endless.

We are… An Open-minded Group


Diversity may be an issue of gender, disability, skin colour, age or origin, but inclusion requires respecting uniqueness and allowing each employee to be themselves each and every day.

Feeling comfortable being yourself at work, with your colleagues and managers, is one of the keys to our company’s collective success: we are committed to creating an enriching and fulfilling work environment for all employees.

The BNP Paribas Group entities in Luxembourg have joined the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg.


Being open-minded also means being able to move forward, constantly staying ahead of the curve, challenging the way we work and embracing innovation to drive progress.

We are "the bank for a changing world, committed to a better future". It’s up to us to provide a nurturing ecosystem that fosters collaboration between clients, employees and candidates.


Always being aware of new trends, integrating developments in our ever-changing markets, products and services as they come… Being an active part of society means staying open to the world.

We are becoming… The Place to Work Differently


Providing a workplace environment that encourages you to be creative, agile and innovative is a good thing. Creating a workplace where you feel good about what you do, where you can advance at your own pace, and where you can proactively manage your career is even better!


The spirit of collaboration is, and always has been, a catalyst for spreading good ideas and creating value. We're rolling out innovative co-working methods, test & learn approaches and other team-based initiatives to ensure that collaborative working becomes second nature.


Positive Management is a totally new way to imagine the relationship between a manager and their team. The manager leads by example, develops ways to build as a team and helps their employees realise their full potential. The key ingredients to positive management are mutual respect, trust, understanding, flexibility, collaborative thinking and a culture of sharing.