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A full week devoted to the environment

lungs of the planet

From 7–11 June 2021, BNP Paribas in Luxembourg will devote an entire week to environmental issues and sustainable development.

The purpose of Green Week is to raise awareness and get employees to take action to protect the environment, in order to identify concrete individual and company-wide solutions.

This event – created by employees, for employees – will set a new environmental challenge each day in the form of an activity, workshop, conference or film.

Some of the scheduled events include: 


Treasure swap

A treasure swap, organised by the 2020 Graduate Programme participants, will take place over the week: employees can drop off items they no longer use and swap them for those brought by other employees.

This environmentally friendly and socially responsible event lets employees swap equipment or clothing still in perfect condition, to give it a second life.


Ocean seminar

On World Oceans Day on Tuesday, 8 June, the BNP Paribas Foundation invited Philippe Cury, Research Director at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), who is an expert in marine biology and overfishing, to come and speak about the threats to marine life and offer some reasons for hope.

Julie Miller, project coordinator for the BNP Paribas CSR department who is involved in setting up an Ocean and Biodiversity policy, will also explain how the bank takes these crucial issues into account.


Beehive visit

The bank’s gardens in Kirchberg have been home to 3 beehives for a number of years. This initiative aims to raise employee and visitor awareness of the worrying decline in bee populations. The honey produced by the bees is sold by Hope, the bank’s employee association.

A visit to the hives during Green Week has been organised by the owner, Hugo Zeler. Employees will learn why the world’s bees are in decline and why biodiversity is so important.

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Well-being and telework seminar

The health crisis has been impacting our professional and personal lives for over a year now. Telework has been the biggest disruption to our daily routines. In an seminar, Dr Tomasini will offer some advice for maintaining well-being while working from home.


Zero waste

One of the goals of Green Week is to look at the impact of our purchases on the environment. Why purchase items when we can make them ourselves for less, and waste-free?

  • DIY workshops have been organised on how to make toothpaste and dishwasher tablets.
  • An online cooking class will also teach participants a recipe that uses every part of their ingredients, including the peel.
  • A virtual visit of the Ouni zero-waste stores will demonstrate how easy it is to buy in bulk.
  • Trash challenges have also been organised by the bank’s running and walking clubs to collect as much rubbish as possible in nearby forests.

Moving towards a new kind of mobility

A clear shift is underway: the automotive sector is undergoing a green revolution! New technologies are steering the automotive sector in a more sustainable direction, but these efforts will only be successful if we also change the way we travel and use our cars.

A seminar on the challenges associated with transforming the automotive sector will be led by Véronique Bourgois from Arval Luxembourg, and François Piot, from Arval Mobility Observatory: participants will receive a whole series of useful environmental, tax and regulatory information to help them make the right travel choices, combining personal well-being with respect for the environment.