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A business bank card that meets your needs

The Visa Business bank* card has been designed to meet the needs of all professionals. It lets you:

  • easily defer payment for your business and personal expenses until the end of the month;
  • cover certain types of employee business expenses (e.g. fuel) to avoid an accumulation of expense claims;
  • shop in-store (contact payments or contactless payments) or online wherever you see the Visa logo, i.e. in more than 29 million stores, restaurants and other sales outlets in 160 countries;
  • benefit from a range of insurance and assistance in the event of a problem.

This business credit card is also highly flexible. Although the monthly limit is set to EUR 2,500 by default, this can easily be adapted to your needs*.

Good to know

The Visa Business bank card is personal and non-transferable. 3D Secure technology provides an extra level of security for your online payments.

Visa Business for travelling with complete peace of mind

As a professional, you may have to travel abroad a lot. Visa Business lets you settle your expenses worldwide, and travel with peace of mind. A range of insurance is offered** to holders of this business bank card:

  • medical assistance (doctor callout, repatriation, reimbursement of medical expenses, etc.);
  • travel insurance & assistance (cancellation/interruption, missed or delayed departure, loss/delay of baggage or business equipment, etc.);
  • rental car excess;
  • missed event insurance;

How can I get a Visa Business card?

The Visa Business bank card is frequently offered when you open an account. Of course, you can also request one from your adviser.

To limit the risks for both client and bank, the circumstances of any professional wanting a Visa Business card will be analysed.

Good to know

Make contactless payments or payments from an Apple, Garmin or Fitbit smart device with your Visa Business payment card.

Read the terms and conditions of the Visa Business, as well as details about the related insurance and assistance services:

Frequently asked questions

  • icone faq question
    What’s the limit of my Visa Business card?

    The monthly limit for payments made with your Visa Business card is set at EUR 2,500 by default. This limit will be adjusted on the basis of a personal creditworthiness check made for each client.

  • icone faq question
    Can I pay online with the Visa Business card?

    The Visa Business bank card lets you make online payments. However, you’ll have to activate your card before making your first online payment, and apply the security rules set out in the cards’ general terms and conditions.

  • icone faq question
    Who can order a Visa Business card?

    The Visa Business card is aimed at all professionals: SMEs, large firms, liberal professions, self-employed, etc. Company directors can have their own card or issue them to their staff for business expenses.

  • icone faq question
    What insurance is included with Visa Business?

    A range of insurance and assistance is offered to Visa Business card holders wherever they are in the world. Assistance is provided in the event of injury, illness or death (doctor callout, repatriation, hospital bill, cost of a coffin, etc.). You are also covered for trip cancellation or delays, loss or theft of baggage, damage to a rental car, etc.
    The full terms and conditions of insurance/assistance provided with a Visa Business credit card can be found here.


*Offer subject to terms and conditions and approval of your application by the bank.
** See terms and conditions applied to insurance products, as well as the different limits and thresholds.