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Our corporate social and environmental responsibility

Building tomorrow’s sustainable world today. For almost 10 years, BGL BNP Paribas has made this goal part of its long-term strategy. Today, the culture of responsibility is embedded at all levels of our company. In this constantly evolving world, BGL BNP Paribas is committed to evolving with it.

Why be a responsible and committed bank?

The world is changing fast. This is giving rise to new social and environmental challenges.

Long considered a passing trend, the benefits and relevance of corporate social and environmental responsibility are now widely recognised.

Our bank’s business has a direct impact on the economy, society, the environment and many other areas. It’s up to us to make sure this impact is positive, while creating value for all our stakeholders: our clients, employees, partners, investors and leading players in society.

Today, we offer a global range of sustainable services in the fields of education, financial inclusion and entrepreneurship.

CSR is at the heart of our business. We offer sustainable investment strategies to our individual clients. For our corporate clients with a social and environmental impact, we’ve created a dedicated offer.

Our CSR strategy is built on four pillars, reflecting our responsibility to our clients, our employees, society and the environment.


1st pillar: our economic responsibility

We’re a financial institution and we aim to grow, but not at all costs.. We operate within a cycle of profitable and sustainable growth. We’re committed to ethical financing of the economy.

Lux Future Lab, start-up incubator

Lux Future Lab is the first start-up incubator created by a bank. It is also a platform for training and education to drive business initiatives in Luxembourg.  In its five years of existence, Lux Future Lab has supported 51 projects and helped create 400 new jobs. A genuine hub for talent, Lux Future Lab now hosts 30 innovative start-ups and 120 go-getters.

More about Lux Future Lab

Positive impact financing

BGL BNP Paribas is committed to responsibly financing the economy through a lending policy and a range of socially responsible investment (SRI) products that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

More about Sustainable Development

Managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks

In terms of industry financing, the BNP Paribas Group makes sure ESG risks are taken into account in financing and investment decisions. This affects nine sectors: oil & gas, farming, tobacco, palm oil, coal, mining, defence, nuclear power and paper pulp. Learn more

2nd pillar: Our corporate responsibility

The pursuit of ambitious corporate objectives aims to encourage the development and commitment of our employees. Our corporate responsibility is based on three principles:

Promoting diversity and a sense of belonging

Guaranteeing a fulfilling work environment for employees is also a sure way to boost client satisfaction. Today’s changing mentalities are having a positive impact on our business. Learn more

Being a good place to work 

Guaranteeing a fulfilling work environment for employees is also a sure way to boost client satisfaction. It’s therefore no surprise that BGL BNP Paribas received the Top Employer label in 2018 for the third year running. Learn more

Offering dynamic career management

In 2018, over 78,000 training hours were provided to help further our employees’ careers. Challenging your skills, continuous learning and implementing new ways of working require support through employee training, growth and development, keeping skills up to date. Learn more

3rd pillar: Our civic responsibility

Our civic responsibility is a responsibility to our society around us. Our bank is a committed player and has woven close ties with civil society. Our 3 commitments:

Microfinance and social entrepreneurship

In March 2016, BGL BNP Paribas created Microlux, the first microfinance institution in Luxembourg. Microlux finances and supports the creation and development of the independent activities of individual clients and social enterprises unable to access the traditional banking system. Microcredit helps meaningful initiatives see the light of day.

Supporting civil society

We’re also committed to social exclusion and promoting respect for human rights..

Initiatives such as the Help to Help and Hope programmes, skills lending, volunteering, the donation of IT equipment, and the Christmas market organised by associations get employees involved in supporting society and have instilled BGL BNP Paribas with genuine enthusiasm and energy. Learn more

Promoting entrepreneurship  
  • Conference series. Through innovative conferences and workshops, the CSR Accelerator connects and inspires Group employees, clients and society. These conferences cover fintechs, the success of certain CSR initiatives, issues facing entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Summer School. Every summer, BGL BNP Paribas hosts dozens of young people, encouraging them to find their path by introducing them to a diverse group of motivational and inspiring entrepreneurs. During the Summer School, these young people meet professionals and discover projects and environments they never would have had access to, sometimes sparking fresh ideas!
Fondation Weicker

Depuis 30 ans, BGL BNP Paribas promeut au travers de la Fondation Weicker, l'étude et la recherche dans le domaine scientifique.

La Fondation apporte un soutien financier à des étudiants luxembourgeois, organise des conférences et séminaires et est partenaire de projets Fintech de l'Université du Luxembourg. En 2018, en reconnaissance de ses différentes actions, la Fondation s'est vue remettre l'Agrément d'Organisme de Recherche de la part du Ministère de l'Economie du Luxembourg.

4th pillar: Our environmental responsibility

Climate change is the major challenge of the 21st century. With fossil fuels being depleted, we need to encourage alternative energies as quickly a possible and support initiatives that promote energy transition.

Green Desk

In 2018, BGL BNP Paribas financed 40 projects (€180 million) in the renewable energy, energy efficiency and circular economy sectors.

Carbon neutrality

As part of its commitment to containing global warming, the BNP Paribas Group will no longer finance activities involving the exploration, production and transportation of unconventional hydrocarbons, and has put together a dedicated offer centred on renewable energy and promoters of the energy transition.

Green buildings

Opened in July 2016, the two new eKinox and oKsigen buildings in Kirchberg have generated a substantial 40% reduction in the bank’s direct carbon emissions, thanks to top-quality insulation and sustainable water, electricity and heating management..