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What is an operating lease for professionals?

An operating lease is the long-term rental of a vehicle adapted to the professional’s needs. The long-term lease of vehicles allows professionals to guarantee their mobility in return for a rental fee.

This all-inclusive monthly rental fee covers the use of the company vehicle as well as all related services:


And much more !

Operating leases for professionals: how do they work?

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In the current economic climate, delivery times for vehicles are being stretched.
As a professional, Arval Mid-Term Rental product allows you to benefit from a courtesy vehicle immediately.

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Did you know that you can completely customise your vehicle to your preferences, taste and requirements?

With a long-term lease, everything is covered !

Drive an all-inclusive car (3)(5)

With an operating lease for professionals, you can work with peace of mind

Want to manage your budget, make accurate forecasts for your business vehicle and save time?

Discover the benefits of a long-term lease for professionals:

  • new vehicle: drive the car, commercial vehicle, van or minivan of your choice (make, model, colour, options, etc.);
  • fixed monthly all-inclusive lease including a range of services: servicing, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle, etc.(3)(5) ;
  • term, mileage(4) : you can adjust the term and mileage of your lease according to your needs;
  • single point of contact : A leading BNP Paribas Group company specialising in long-term vehicle leases, Arval Luxembourg simplifies the administrative tasks associated with your vehicle throughout the lease term;
  • simplicity : at the end of the lease, you return your vehicle without having to worry about any formalities or resale, and can choose a new vehicle.
It’s simple, convenient, and has no hidden surprises(2)!

Focus your full attention on your business!

Frequently asked questions about long-term leasing for professionals

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    Who is long-term leasing for professionals aimed at ?

    Long-term leasing for professionals is aimed at self-employed and freelance professionals in Luxembourg who hold a Luxembourg VAT number.

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    What type of vehicle can I rent?

    You can rent any new car, van, minivan or commercial vehicle authorised on Luxembourg roads and purchased from a Luxembourg dealer, as well as any luxury car or vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes authorised on Luxembourg roads.

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    What services are included in my leasing agreement?

    Arval Luxembourg offers all-inclusive vehicle leases (excluding fuel) with monthly lease payments covering:

    • Use of the vehicle,
    • Servicing and maintenance: regular servicing, mandatory roadworthiness tests, tyre changes (depending on the estimated mileage), replacement of defective parts,
    • International insurance and assistance: insurance, material damage cover, 24-hour breakdown service and towing throughout Europe, driver and passenger repatriation, replacement vehicle,
    • taxes: registration, tax disc
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    How are the monthly lease payments for my business vehicle calculated?

    Determined in advance, monthly lease payments (60 months maximum) are calculated based on the vehicle’s purchase price and residual value, the lease term, the mileage chosen and operational services.

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    Is it possible to terminate my contract early?

    Yes. Early termination fees will be charged depending on the number of days prior to contractual termination. The agreement can also be transferred to a third party under certain conditions.

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    Should I cancel the insurance on my old car?

    Yes. Insurance is included in our long-term lease offer. You can transfer your old no-claims bonus to your operating lease. Once your previous insurance has been cancelled, simply send your certificate to Arval Luxembourg, which will transfer your no-claims bonus to your car rental.

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    Can I deduct the cost of my vehicle in my business tax return?

    In principle, lease payments for the use of professional vehicles may be deductible. However, if you wish to take out a long-term lease as a self-employed or freelance professional, please refer to the legal and tax framework governing your profession.

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    What happens if I exceed my contractual mileage?

    During the term of the agreement, it’s possible to change the term and mileage (subject to the maximum authorised term and mileage limits for the vehicle in question) up to three months before the vehicle is returned.

    The monthly rent is then adjusted. It’s important to estimate your mileage carefully when the agreement is signed. In the event of excess mileage, an amendment to the lease will be proposed, setting out a new lease payment and a new mileage allowance.

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    What happens if I haven’t accumulated the mileage set out in the agreement?

    Any remaining mileage will be reimbursed.

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    Is it possible to buy the car at the end of the agreement?

    Long-term leases don’t include the option to buy the vehicle when the lease term ends. The vehicle remains the property of the lessor, Arval Luxembourg, which is responsible for selling the car on the second-hand market when the agreement expires.

    However, if at the end of the lease you wish to purchase the vehicle, Arval Luxembourg may sell it to you at the market price.

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    What’s the difference between a finance lease and an operating lease?

    Financial leasing is a financing solution that lets you finance your purchase while continuing to manage any upkeep, maintenance, repairs, etc.

    An operating lease is a more comprehensive long-term solution, including the lease of the vehicle as well as any related costs (insurance, tyres, etc.).

    Unlike a finance lease, an operating lease only involves the long-term rental of vehicles.


(2)Offer subject to conditions and reserved for self-employed and freelance professionals with a Luxembourg VAT number. Subject to the review of your application by BGL BNP Paribas and approval by Arval Luxembourg.
(3)Monthly lease prices are indicative only and subject to (i) tax status, the residual value of the vehicle as determined by the lessor, the interest rate, the book value of the vehicle, and the options, configuration and equipment selected; (ii) adjustments to the configuration and equipment. The monthly lease payment shown (exclu. VAT) depends on the agreed term and mileage. The monthly lease payment includes: maintenance, repairs, changing and storage of summer and winter tyres depending on wear, road tax, depreciation and interest, VAT, Europe-wide assistance, a courtesy car of a lower category for any downtime longer than 24 hours, the Perfecta service (cover provided by Arval Luxembourg S.A. for the risk of damage, total write-off or theft) with application of an excess payable by the lessee under certain conditions, and insurance(third-party insurance, legal protection and driver injury insurance).
Not included in the monthly lease payment: fuel, electricity and driving fines. The CO2 rates are also indicative and depend on the options chosen and/or the data provided by the manufacturer. At the end of the agreement, the kilometres will be invoiced at the price indicated in the lease agreement. If the lease agreement is terminated early, a termination fee will be charged. There is no purchase option.
(4)Other terms and mileage possible with adjustment to lease payment. On request.
(5)**Insurance includes legal protection, driver injury insurance and third-party insurance. Insurance is included in the price of the lease.
(6)Monthly lease prices are indicative only and subject to (i) changes in tax status, the residual value of the vehicle as determined by the lessor, the book value of the vehicle, and the options, configuration and equipment selected; (ii) adjustments to the configuration and equipment.