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Are you looking for tailored solutions for managing, protecting or transferring your assets?

Would you like to plan for the transfer of your family’s assets using bespoke solutions? Or plan for the sale or transfer of your business?

Your private banker has a wealth of experience to assist you, every step of the way. With the support of our local and international wealth engineers, your private banker is by your side to map out the future of your assets:

  • tailored investment solutions;
  • a wide range of products and financial services;
  • access to the BNP Paribas Group’s advanced expertise and skills.

Attuned to your needs and values, your private banker will be your trusted partner and single point of contact throughout your relationship.

A team of private banking advisers on hand for you

Private Banking

Rudy Horsmans

Director - Wealth Management


Tel. (+352) 42 42-76 48


Private Banking

Emmanuel Grimée

Director - Private Banking Centre, city center


Tel. : (+352) 42 42-22 99


Private Banking

Michel Henrard

Director - Private Banking Centre (North)


Tel. : (+352) 42 42-53 68


Private Banking

Marc Melan

Director - Private Banking Centre (South)


Tel. : (+352) 42 42-86 75


Private Banking

Christian Brucculeri

Director - Private Banking Centre for international clients residing in Luxembourg


Tel. : (+352) 42 42-75 72


Did you know that you can use your assets to make a positive impact on sustainable development?

Today, more than 40% of the investment funds held by our clients are socially responsible (SRI)(1).

myImpact, a quick and straightforward questionnaire, alongside in-depth explanations of sustainable development, responsible investing and philanthropy, will help to guide you through the process.

Define your investment and/or philanthropic objectives and set your expectations with regard to environmental and social challenges.

Your private banker will then be able to identify and develop the financial and asset solutions that are aligned with your values.

Together, we can work to build a green economy: an economy that is profitable for all individuals through responsible impact investing or individual acts of philanthropy.

Good to know

Are you an entrepreneur or managing partner of a firm? Are you faced with an increasingly complex environment, in terms of both your private and professional life?

Private banking offers tailored support at every stage of your life and that of your business.

Having the expertise of your private banker will make it easier to reflect on and plan your business and personal strategy. Through them, you will gain access to a network of experts, a wide range of possibilities, and bespoke financial solutions.

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Asset management: what we bring to the table

Active in Luxembourg since 1919, our private banking service allows you access to:

  • extensive knowledge of Luxembourg and its key players;
  • a network of local and international experts;
  • knowledge of the local market and its specific regulatory and tax aspects;
  • solid and long-standing experience in asset valuation, growth and transfer;
  • an international reputation thanks to the strength of the BNP Paribas Group;
  • experienced, proactive and responsive advisers.

An innovative and connected private bank

Nothing can replace the trusted relationship you’ve built with your private banker over time. To strengthen this bond, you also have access to our digital solutions, which help make everyday life easier.

Our online services allow you to:

  • contact your private banker securely;
  • carry out transactions in no time;
  • access an overview of your portfolios at any time;
  • obtain personalised financial information.

Private banking in Luxembourg: a network of local experts

You can visit us at one of several sites spread across Luxembourg operating under the BGL  BNP Paribas Banque Privée banner.

Available by email and phone, our Private Banking directors can also come and meet you wherever you are.

Our Private Banking Centres

cartes des centre de banque privee

Frequently asked questions

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    What is the role of a private banker?

    Your private banker is your personal contact person for your entire Private Banking experience, providing comprehensive and bespoke management of your asset portfolio. Capable of quickly understanding your needs, they offer solutions suited to your particular situation. To achieve this, your private banker works with a team of experts at BNP Paribas group level.

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    What is the scope of asset management solutions offered by our Private Bank in Luxembourg?

    Every client is unique. Depending on your projects and goals, Private Banking offers you access to tailored investment solutions. These solutions are selected from a wide range of financial products and services that make up the extensive BGL BNP Paribas asset management offering in Luxembourg: wealth engineering, real estate, art, philanthropy and socially responsible investment.

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    Why should I entrust the management of my assets to experts?

    Entrusting us with your investment portfolio will offer you peace of mind and more spare time. Thanks to our discretionary management offering, you’ll receive management services that are perfectly suited to your investor profile in terms of both risk and performance. Our local and global network gives you direct access to the latest tools and essential skills to manage assets, both actively and professionally.

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    What is required to become a Private Banking client?

    To meet the challenges of managing, preserving or passing on this wealth, they require professional guidance. Maintaining regular contact with their private banker, these clients benefit from the extensive expertise and skills that our Private Bank has to offer, both in Luxembourg and abroad.

(1) Categories 8 and 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)