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Make cash deposits with peace of mind

CompuSafe units allow you to deposit cash in your bank account in exchange for a printed receipt.

You can now access:

  • the change machine service to swap banknotes for coins or different denominations;
  • the deposit service to pay in funds.

The benefits of CompuSafe for your cash deposits

CompuSafe units are available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Royal branch.

This means that you’re not constrained by branch opening hours.

Our solution comes with plenty of other benefits too:

  • your transactions are confidential and secure: our units are located in a dedicated room in a secure vestibule;
  • you can ease your administrative burden and bank more independently: you no longer need to pre-order cash or prepare secure money bags for cash deposits;
  • your bank account is credited quickly: your account is credited the day after the cash is deposited (D+1).

How to use the 24/7 change machine service at the Royal branch


How to make 24/7 deposits at the Royal branch

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