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The group insurance policy ProLife is an attractive human resources management tool that offers you a number of advantages both as an employer and to your staff.

Benefits for the employer:

  • engenders loyalty among staff members and makes recruitment easier
  • tax advantages: premiums and fixed tax rate of 20% deductible

Benefits for the staff member:

  • increased income on retirement with collection of capital augmentation
  • protection of rights acquired in the event of departure or redundancy (under certain conditions)
  • ability to make additional voluntary contributions, tax deductible within the limit of 1,200 EUR (under certain conditions)
  • no tax chargeable to the staff member when benefits are collected on maturity (except “dependent's contribution” of 1.4%)



*members of staff residing outside the GDL must refer to the legislation in force in their country of residence

For your individual personal needs, we also offer a wide range of insurance products: take a look!

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