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Startin' High School Students

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Managing your day-to-day expenses and having access to your pocket money is essential.

The Startin' High School Students offering which is 100% free of charge, is perfectly suited to give you financial independence.

With Startin' High School Students:


You get a current account OptiFlex

  • 1 hardcopy statement per account and per month
  • 4 statements per account and per year

You get a debit card V PAY

  • free withdrawals from BGL BNP Paribas ATM machines
  • 3 free withdrawals per month in Luxembourg or EU countries
  • a payment limit of 250 EUR per week per account, for payments in Luxembourg and abroad
  • a withdrawal limit of 250 EUR per week per account, for withdrawals from ATM machines in Luxembourg and abroad


You get our non-banking offering



You get view-only access to Web Banking/Mobile Banking

View your account on the Internet or your smartphone, 24/7


You get the iPhone CashPoint application

Find the nearest bank branches and ATM machines, wherever you are

  • a free current account
  • a non-banking offering


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