Investment funds and money-market SICAVs

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A liquid investment offering a high level of stability and regularity.


Money-market collective investment schemes allow you to diversify your portfolio without locking up your capital long term.


This is a specific category of collective investment schemes – open-ended collective investment schemes (SICAVs) or mutual funds – referred to as “short term”.


The objective of the SICAV BNP Paribas InstiCash is to provide day-to-day liquidity and preserve capital value, while producing the best possible return for the investor.

The sub-fund invested in a diversified portfolio of money-market instruments and short-term debt securities including certificates of deposit, treasury bills, commercial paper, government securities and variable-rate bonds.


  • Diversification of portfolio risk.
  • Lower fees: few or no entrance and exit fees.
  • Efficient: your investment earns as of the first day, unlike some short-term accounts.

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