Purchase and upgrade

Purchase and upgrade


To invest in your business, choose an investment loan.


You decide on repayment frequency depending on your needs and your cash flow plan: monthly, quarterly or annually.


Two possible repayment schedules:

  • periodic repayments including interest and a fixed or variable part of the principal
  • periodic repayments including only interest, with the principal being repaid at the end (bullet schedule)



You can reduce the amount of reimbursements for the first two years­—paying only interest due—allowing you to focus on your other expenses and investment needs.


Investment loans

  • a wide selection of options for all variables
  • gradual use of loan authorised for construction/renovation
  • interest is charged only on that part of the loan that is actually used
  • early reimbursement option
  • repayment schedules may be adapted to specific business sectors


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