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Customised Current Account



Are you a manager or treasury manager of an association?


BGL BNP Paribas offers you a Customised Current Account.

This account offers you the maximum degree of flexibility and customisation.


Along with the essentials, you have the option to select additional services. Your adviser will guide you in order to satisfy your personal needs. Each service is invoiced separately, giving you full transparency of your payments.

    The Customised Current Account

    • 'Essentiel'
      The necessary components included in your current account.  
    • 'Libertés'
      Customisable components to meet your requirements. 


See our rate sheet for the Customised Current Account.


Additional benefits for NGOs:

  • no banking charges for management of current or savings accounts
  • NGO premium corresponding to 10% of annualised interest capitalised on your savings account
  • no entry fees on BNP Paribas Group Investment Funds

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