Supplementary pension for self-employed and independent professional




Are you self-employed or an independent professional? Supplement your pension today!


No entry fee on the first year of your retirement plan for all new subscriptions before 10 May 20191 !


The extension of the law on second pillar pensions means you can now benefit from supplementary pension schemes and new tax breaks2


That's why BGL BNP Paribas and Cardif Lux have devised OptiLib, a customisable solution that combines retirement savings with insurance against life's uncertainties (death, disability).


The benefits of OptiLib:


  • Boost your retirement income by accumulating capital through your supplementary pension plan
  • Take out insurance to protect your loved ones from life's uncertainties (death, disability)
  • Enjoy tax benefits (annual tax deduction and exemption from paying tax on the income when the policy matures3)
  • Invest in a wide array of funds to build up bespoke retirement savings (General Fund or an investment fund) 


Advantages of BGL BNP Paribas:


  • Rely on our responsive team of expert in-branch advisors to help customise your policy
  • Enjoy streamlined medical check-up formalities4
  • Change the amount and/or frequency of your premiums or even your investment strategy. Switch your strategy once a year free of charge.


Learn more about OptiLib 


OptiLib is a Cardif Lux Vie product distributed by its insurance agency BGL BNP Paribas 


Eligibility criteria for OptiLib:

1) You must be an independent professional or freelancer

2) You must be a Luxembourg resident

3) You must be registered with the Luxembourg social security system

4) You must be aged between 18 and 70 when the policy takes effect.



1The terms and conditions of this offer are available in our branches

2Tax deductibility depends on the individual circumstances of each taxpayer and is subject to change over time.

3 Subject to a 20.9% tax and charge payable with your premiums. This is made up of a 20% withholding tax plus a 0.9% supervisory fee. Contributions are classed as tax-deductible special expenses under Article 110 3a of the Luxembourg Income Tax Law (LIR). They are capped at 20% of net professional income. Eventually, only a 1.4% long-term care contribution is payable.

4The terms and conditions are available at your branch


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