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Customised offerings.


The BNP Paribas Priority programme offers you reductions on a number of banking products and services, as well as many other benefits. 



Our team of specialists, BGL BNP Paribas Direct Invest, offers you investment advice adapted to your investor profile.

For independent management, our Investors Service offers

  • access to the principal international and multi-currency investment markets
  • the opportunity to place your investment orders in the major financial centres, online 24 hours a day or by phone or fax between 8.30 and 19.00, Monday to Friday 
  • permanent access to all the information on the financial markets (prices, histories, analyses, etc.) to help you make your investment decisions
  • access to your advisor, who can offer you recommendations on your investments 


For management with advice and support, our Advisory Service offers: an exclusive relationship with our team of specialists who will support you in managing your portfolio, offering you personalised investment recommendations proactively. 



Financing – La Réserve Privilège


Réserve Privilège is a cash reserve made available to you on which you can draw whenever you feel it necessary without being required to provide justification.
Your Réserve Privilège is permanently available to you, since it is reconstituted as and when you make repayments. This permanent credit line from BNP Paribas Priority makes available up to EUR 50,0001).


In addition, you benefit from two more very useful services:

  • BGL BNP Paribas Service Line, which gives you practical information on the weather, traffic hotspots, etc.
  • BGL BNP Paribas Service Juridique, which offers information on legal aspects of your personal life.




Your loyalty is rewarded!

You benefit regularly and on an ad hoc basis from preferential rates2) on your savings account.




Do you own any works of art or collector's items? Do you know how to secure the best possible protection and insurance cover? The AXA Art service offered by BGL BNP Paribas will allow you to extend the life of your works of art, collector's items and valuables by taking a few preventative measures. Axa Art also offers a broad spectrum of insurance cover to provide optimal protection for your works of art and valuable possessions.


1) Subject to acceptance of your application.

2) The preferential rates offered are valid for a predetermined period. They will return to normal after the end of the aforementioned predetermined period.


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