How do I plan my estate?

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Planning your estate not only reduces the tax burden and potential costs, but also protects the amount available for your heirs as much as possible.


BGL BNP Paribas provides you with an integrated solution combining asset management with estate planning, which is suitable if you wish to:

  • Structure the transfer of your estate
  • Plan the transfer of your estate
  • Give your loved ones maximum protection
  • Take advantage of professional, bespoke wealth management
  • Protect your wealth



What to do if a loved one dies?

  • Contact the bank (go to a branch or call our Client Service)
  • Documents required:


Resident estate
  • Death certificate
  • Copies of the heirs' IDs (certified copies)
  • Declaration of succession (< EUR 20,000) or affidavit (> EUR 20,000)
  • Marriage contract – Community property
  • Certificate of exemption from inheritance tax
Non-resident estate
  • Death certificate
  • Copies of the heirs' IDs (certified copies)
  • Affidavit or European Certificate of Succession*


From the moment the death is announced to the liquidation of the estate, our experts will help you with the administrative management of accounts held at our Bank.



You may choose to engage the assistance of a notary. Please refer to the list of notaries in Luxembourg and Europe.



*European Certificate of Succession:

The European Certificate of Succession is drawn up by a legal authority or any legal professional specialising in inheritance law. The aim is to provide a standard document recognised in EU member states with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, confirming the status of heirs, legatees and executors, as well as their powers and rights in any other member state. Cross-border settlements of estate will be dealt with more quickly and consistently as a result of the European Certificate of Succession.


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