Euribor rate

The Euribor rate

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3-month Euribor rates for your mortgage


If you opt for a floating rate based on 3-month Euribor for your mortgage, you can find below the level of these rates on the first working day of each term.


3-month Euribor rate*


DateCurrent rate *
01-10-2018-0.318 %
02-07-2018-0.321 %
03-04-2018-0.328 %
02-01-2018-0.329 %
02-10-2017-0.329 %
03-07-2017-0.331 %
03-04-2017-0.330 %
02-01-2017-0.318 %
03-10-2016-0.301 %
01-07-2016-0.290 %
01-04-2016-0.245 %
04-01-2016-0.132 %
01-10-2015-0.043 %
01-07-2015-0.014 %
01-04-2015-0.018 %
02-01-2015-0.076 %



The Euribor rate is the European money-market rate and is equal to the arithmetic average of interest rates offered on the European banking market for a specific period (between one week and 12 months). It is published by the European Central Bank based on prices supplied daily by 64 European banks. If your choose a floating rate based on 3-month Euribor for your mortgage, your interest rate will consist of the 3-month Euribor rate* plus a margin set on a case-by-case basis for each borrower. The Euribor rate applied will be that at the start of the ongoing quarter.

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*If the reference rate is negative, the Bank uses a rate of 0% to calculate the interest rate applicable to the loan.

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