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Smartphones and communications networks are still vulnerable to Internet attacks.


We recommend that you follow a number of best practices when you log on to Mobile Banking from your smartphone:


  • the Token solution from Luxtrust is recommended for authentication: our Mobile Banking service is compatible with the LuxTrust solution in Luxembourg (including iPhone)
  • never pass on your customer number or secret code to anyone
  • do not store your bank details, username, password, etc. on your smartphone 
  • when you connect to the Internet, use 3G connections in preference
  • be careful when connecting to Hotspots in public places; check that the website address starts with https
  • Check the address displayed in your browser when you log on to mobile banking(
  • log out by using the “Log out” button after each time you use the service
  • secure your smartphone with antivirus software, as you do your computer
  • deactivate Bluetooth or configure your smartphone to be undetectable for Bluetooth connections

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