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Gold, Platinum & Elite Mastercards


Mastercard insurance and assistance 

Far more than just credit cards, Mastercard Gold, Platinum and Elite cards offer travel, purchase, day-to-day and other insurance and assistance services. 


With these cards, you enjoy:

  • extended insurance cover and assistance for you and your family, anywhere in the world
  • comprehensive round-the-clock cover for your home in the event of an incident
  • contactless payment so you can complete purchases with a wave of your hand
  • concierge service available with Platinum and Elite cards


Find out more about your Mastercard's insurance and assistance features


How can I use the insurance cover that comes with my card?

You must have paid for your purchases (travel, flights, goods, etc.) with your BGL BNP Paribas Mastercard*.


Submit a claim and activate your cover with our partner, Europ assistance:

  • in case of need, all you have to do is call the phone number on the back of your card

                            Cartes BGL BNP Paribas World Mastercard

                             CS 90 000

                             F-76095 Le Havre Cedex – France


Mastercard Gold, Platinum, Elite (PDF)


* Terms and conditions of use for Visa and Mastercard. 


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