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Press releases 2011

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Press releases 2011DatePDF
BGL BNP Paribas branch in Wiltz welcomes exhibition Paintings by Claudine Maillet02.12.11pdf
2nd “Coup de Pouce” programme: BGL BNP Paribas donates €66,250 to 22 community projects30.11.11pdf
‘‘How to fill in your tax declaration in the best way?'' BGL BNP Paribas lunchtime conferences25.11.11pdf
The BNP Paribas group in Luxembourg thanks 71 employees for 25 years' service21.11.11pdf
Kim En Joong exhibition at BGL BNP Paribas' Private Banking Centre “d'Villa”15.11.11pdf
BGL BNP Paribas : a new approach to private banking backed by the branch network24.10.11pdf
BNP Paribas in Luxembourg fosters and rewards the spirit of innovation13.10.11pdf
With support from BGL BNP Paribas, the Luxembourg Red Cross features an Azzaro fashion show at its annual gala evening12.10.11pdf
BGL BNP Paribas celebrates Germany's national holiday with pretzels for German commuters29.09.11pdf
BNP Paribas employees in Luxembourg join the fight against leukodystrophy28.09.11pdf
2nd edition of BGL BNP Paribas Film Days16.09.11pdf
BGL BNP Paribas financial performance at 30 June 201131.08.11pdf
BGL BNP Paribas presents prizes following participation in the “Vëlofuerenam Miselerland” initiative 20.07.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas celebrates Belgium's national holiday with waffles for commuters from Belgium 19.07.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas celebrates Bastille Day with croissants for cross-border commuters from France 12.07.11 pdf
Sports, Health and Environment Day at BGL BNP Paribas 07.07.11 pdf
BNP Paribas donates €6,500 to SOS Villages d'Enfants Monde 29.06.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas backs two associations in Luxembourg 09.06.11 pdf
Ageas, BGL BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas Cardif conclude a life insurance partnership in Luxembourg 08.06.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas puts cross-border commuters in the picture:
Presentations on health insurance, pensions and family benefits
 27.05.11 pdf
For its Doers & Thinkers conference series, BGL BNP Paribas welcomed Jean-Marc Gales, an eminent representative of the automotive world 24.05.11 pdf
Financial Results of BGL BNP Paribas for the year to 31 December 2010 19.05.11 pdf
Financial Results of BGL BNP Paribas for the year to 31 December 2010 12.05.11 pdf
Financial Results of BGL BNP Paribas for the year to 31 December 2010 08.04.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas: prize presented to Autofestival draw winners 16.03.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas consolidates its place as the banking partner for young people 14.02.11 pdf
Bank now the leading sponsor for the project D'fair Mëllech 07.02.11 pdf
BGL BNP Paribas celebrates Autofestival with offers to bowl you over 27.01.11 pdf
 BGL BNP Paribas backs Parkinson Luxembourg 20.01.11 pdf
 BGL BNP Paribas confirms commitment to corporate social responsibility 17.01.11 pdf

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